Here at Think Tasmania, we’ve covered the issue of moving to Tassie to live many times. However, there still seems to be a great deal of interest in the topic with readers… and no wonder! We made the all-important family move to Tasmania ourselves, and it’s certainly been a positive experience for us.

Fountain, Salamanca Square: Hobart Tasmania
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Fountain, Salamanca Square: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Think Family Move to Tasmania

Many discussions we’ve facilitated in the past have revolved around couples seeking to relocate. Today, we bring you another version… the family move to Tasmania. Reader Sarah has asked for advice and information from our audience, knowing you’re such a helpful, clever and caring lot. If you’d be so kind… please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

My little family is thinking about moving to Tasmania. We are a family of three: my partner Ben, our 16-month old daughter and myself.

We are currently living in the Byron Shire on the far north coast of New South Wales. The cost of living and the summer heat (among many other things up here) have had us looking to relocate to somewhere beautiful and family friendly. Somewhere we can settle for many years.

We would love our daughter to attend a Steiner school; therefore the only option for our family move to Tasmania is to reside near Hobart.

Ben is a software engineer and I am studying distance education online, so fast internet is important.

We love outdoor family activities and would like our daughter to get involved in music, sports, or anything that she may be interested in or passionate about as she grows.

We would love to hear from other families living in the area about what it’s like to raise a family in Tasmania and what it’s like for children growing up in the area.

Thank You, Sarah

Moving the Family to Tasmania

As we said about another reader’s potential move to Bruny Island, we find stories like these incredibly inspiring, having moved to Tasmania from mainland-Australia ourselves about six years ago. We’re happy to facilitate these discussions, both via the website and our various social media channels, and thank everyone in advance for their highly-valued assistance.

To Sarah and Ben… we wish you and your daughter every success in the world. Whatever you eventually decide about the family move to Tasmania, please keep in touch and let everyone know.

We’d suggest readers contact our sponsors Advance Removals when considering a move to Tasmania. We’ve had personal experience of their top-notch service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their business. Email Geoff Williams or phone the removal-broker team on 1300 263 668.

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