Yes someone did say cupcake, and the Farmers Market Hobart is the place to find them, apparently. So we went in search of C and C Cupcake Factory, and guess what we found? A factory, no.  But cupcakes, yes! Handmade in Tasmania by two very clever ladies, and sold almost every Sunday from Melville Street.

Farmers Market Hobart - C and C Cupcake Factory (Lemon)

C and C Cupcake Factory: Farmers Market Hobart

Farmers Market Hobart

Recently celebrating their first anniversary, the Farmers Market in Hobart looks set to stay. Operating in the car-park in Melville Street each Sunday from 9:00am until 1:00pm, the Farm Gate Market promises to be there rain, hail or shine. We can confirm the rain part at least. Last Sunday was wet and miserable and we almost didn’t bother. But we’re glad we did. We came away with some great produce and enjoyed a scrumptious lunch.

Only the actual producers themselves can trade at the Farmers MarketHobart and the wider community obviously has a lot of dedicated gardeners! No wonder the Premier of Tasmania wants to turn the apple isle into the Food-bowl of the NationTasmania does do food pretty damn well.

Farmers Market Hobart - Seasonal Apples

Seasonal apples: Farmers Market, Hobart Tasmania

At the market there are the seasonal fruits and vegetables that you might expect. And then there are artisan and specialty products utilising those fresh, local ingredients. Some stallholders were even selling plants (just in case you were inspired to try the gardening caper yourself).

Seasonal Soup: Farmers Market Hobart

Personally, I prefer someone else to do all the hard work, and just enjoy the fruits of their labour. Or in this case vegetables. I’m referring to Anne and Doug, who make and sell their Seasonal Soup at the Farmers MarketHobart locals, and clearly passionate about their nutritious product, they don’t use anything artificial. Even their packaging is biodegradable!

Stocking several chilled take-home varieties, they also serve ladles of steaming hot, seasonal soup straight from their huge stock pots. Last Sunday’s choice was either Pumpkin & Red Lentil or Minestrone, in a selection of sizes. They have a child’s serve for $2-00 which is exceptional value – and there’s no age limit. A good option if you want to sample more than one.

Bread accompaniments for the larger serves are sourced locally, sometimes from the Companion Bakery in Oatlands, who also frequent the Farmers Market.

Farmers Market Hobart - Lunch from Seasonal Soup

Lunch from Seasonal Soup: Farmers Market Hobart

C and C Cupcake Factory

Before leaving the market for a peek at Tasmania’s Government House, we were compelled to try some of the goodies from C and C Cupcake Factory. There’s nothing remotely factory about these delightful cupcakes. Jo and Michelle join forces on Saturdays at Jo’s West Hobart home to bake in her commercial kitchen. Selling at the Farmers Market Hobart each Sunday since May this year, they are both mums with young children. And they clearly have a flair for creative food.

Currently producing 200 cupcakes each weekend, they will probably need to up the ante over the summer. Choosing only seasonal and local produce (as is the directive of the Farmers Market) Hobart customers can enjoy selections like…

  • lemon with lemon cream cheese frosting & mandarin dust
  • old fashioned chocolate with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting
  • French Lady’s Apple Cake
C and C Cupcake Factory - Farmers Market, Hobart

C and C Cupcake Factory: old fashioned chocolate cupcakes

The taste actually matches the gorgeous names, and they were all so pretty it was a shame to eat them. (Not really!) The cupcakes sell for $3.50 each.

During the last weekend of November, C and C Cupcake Factory will be at the Mothers Market and the Farmers Market, Hobart. Busy!

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