We get asked a lot of questions about Tasmania. For example: where can we feed a kangaroo? Short answer: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Feed a Kangaroo - Tasmania

Feed a kangaroo: Hobart Tasmania

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: Feed a Kangaroo

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is one of our favourite places to take international VIPs. It’s close to Hobart and a reliably good place to feed a kangaroo. You’re given a paper bag filled with pellets upon payment of your entry fee, and the kangaroo paddock is chock-a-block full of Skippy’s mates.

Feed a Kangaroo - Hobart Tasmania

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: feed a kangaroo

The kangaroos are completely unperturbed by humans taking selfies. If they’re hungry, they’ll approach a hand held open proffering food. And they don’t mind a gentle tickle on the chest. So that’s our pearl of wisdom for today. What’s yours?

Feed a Kangaroo - Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Take photos: kangaroo models

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is located at 593 Briggs Road, Brighton (an outer-northern suburb of Hobart). Phone (03) 6268 1184 for details or follow Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on Facebook.

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