We had an advertorial scheduled for publication today. But that plan has been put on hold just momentarily – as plans sometimes are – and we’re filling the void in our little online space with this: fermented foods. Say what? Fermented foods!

Fermented Foods - Nourished by Nature

Kimchi: fermented foods, nourished by nature

Paleo Lifestyle: Fermented Foods

With Paleo speak seemingly taking over the Universe, we thought we’d dip our toe in the shallow end, and start with a taste of Kimchi. It’s not as bad as the “fermented foods” tag would have you (possibly) thinking. This version was made with cabbage, carrots, onion, salt, garlic, ginger and chilli. We also sipped a cup of chicken bone broth. That too has a fairly uninviting name, while tasting much more palatable. We sourced both samples from Hobart’s Farm Gate Market, and could’ve chosen several other Paleo options too. And whatever you may think about Paleo – and people tend to love the idea or hate it vehemently – at least it gets people thinking about food, and whether it’s “real” or otherwise. We’d love to know what you think about fermented foods, and if you have a favourite supplier of Paleo food in Tasmania. You can leave a reply below for all to see. Cheers!

Fermented Foods - Salmon and Salad

Real food revolution: makes you think

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