The passenger ferry that used to run between the Hobart wharf and Kangaroo Bay ceased trading recently, which is a real shame. Isn’t it? The interstate AFL footy contingent will surely miss the convenience and added excitement of a boat trip across the Derwent River when the Kangaroos come to town. Won’t they?

Blundstone Arena - North Melbourne Kangaroos

North Melbourne Kangaroos: Blundstone Arena, Bellerive

Catch the Footy Ferry

On Saturday, August 8 (a week before the Kangaroos-Saints match) we spied a ferry-looking boat depart the terminal at Bellerive Village and motor towards Wrest Point Casino in Sandy Bay. Of course, it could have just been a regular cruise boat touring the Hobart waterfront. But maybe there are moves afoot to find a replacement ferry service. Are there?

Ferry - Bellerive to Hobart

Maybe a new ferry: Hobart to Bellerive

Given the development of the Kangaroo Bay precinct, it would make sense to have a ferry operating between Hobart’s two “shores” really. Wouldn’t it? Once the substantial works at Kangaroo Bay have been completed, and combined with the already-completed major redevelopment of Blundstone Arena, surely the eastern shore could support a ferry service. Couldn’t it?

If you’re in the know, please let us know here at Think Tasmania too! Leave a reply below, because all our readers would be interested to hear any news about a new ferry service. Wouldn’t they?

Ferry - Blundstone Arena

AFL fans: ferry to Blundstone Arena

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Map: Ferry Terminal, Bellerive Tasmania

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