We like Greek food, and there are several quality Greek restaurants in Hobart. Take Filoxenia for example.

Filoxenia - Hobart Tasmania

Consistently good: Filoxenia, North Hobart

Greek Restaurant in Hobart: Filoxenia

It’s a big call, but… I think Greek cuisine might be my favourite? Mind you, I’m completely unqualified to critique dining establishments. I just know what I like to eat, and thought you might like to read about our last visit.

The Greek food at Filoxenia seemed unpretentious, hearty and home-style. Our dishes were bursting with flavour and delivered to the table with extremely pleasant service. We liked the restaurant so much we stayed for coffee. Sadly we didn’t have room for dessert.

Filoxenia - Greek Coffee

Greek coffee: robust flavour

Octopus, Lamb, Potatoes and Greek Salad

Gavin absolutely adores a starter of char-grilled octopus. This time though, he ventured outside his comfort zone and ordered a red wine and tomato number. He was pleased with that decision.

Filoxenia: Greek Food in Hobart

Greek restaurant in Tasmania: octopus casserole

Then followed a fairly standard main – if you love your Greek food like we love our Greek food, that is. Lamb, potatoes and Greek salad: simple but satisfying.

Filoxenia - Greek Restaurant, Hobart

Filoxenia: lamb, potatoes and Greek salad

My go-to would be the gyros plate with meat, salad, dip, pita bread and chips. It has never disappointed.

Filoxenia - Gyros Plate

Favourite: gyros plate, Filoxenia

Filos: Gone But Not Forgotten

We’ve had similar food at Filos in Hobart’s Elizabeth Street Mall. We suspect there was a strong connection between the two establishments. The food was equally good and we were served by the same smiling waitress. We’ve heard the mall version has closed since we visited though. That would be a shame, but at least there’s still Filoxenia.

Filoxenia - Filos Hobart

Greek share plate: Filos, Hobart

Filoxenia is located at 322 Elizabeth Street in the restaurant hub of North Hobart. Phone 0455 930 842 for details or follow Filoxenia on Facebook.

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