Today’s story is about a restaurant in North Hobart called Fish 349. We’re aware of course, that Tasmanian seafood is highly regarded by locals and visitors to the state. We were reminded of the ace in the gourmet deck during our Parmi Challenge and thought the time was right to share another gem from Hobart’s vibrant dining scene.

Fish 349 - Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Fish 349: Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Fish 349: Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

We make absolutely no claim to be sharing a secret by talking about Fish 349. The seafood restaurant has been busy on each of our visits (of which there’s been several). Clientele appears to be a mixed bag… office workers, family groups and couples, possibly even on holiday. The service however, has always been the same. Extremely quick, efficient and friendly without being intrusive.

The restaurant is housed in a heritage building at 349 Elizabeth Street in North Hobart. But there’s nothing “heritage” about the decor. A bold, graffiti-style mural stretches up the wall and accentuates the height of the ceiling. Solid black tables rest on the polished concrete floor, while benches face out to the street and the view of passing traffic via full-length windows.

Fish 349 - Mural

Funky mural: Fish 349

Fast and Friendly Service

Customers can absorb the busyness as several chefs prepare meals in the open kitchen. We’re always amazed at their cracking pace from order to service. On one occasion, scallops arrived at our table when we thought we’d ordered calamari. The waitress insisted we sample the scallops while she organised another plate with calamari. No fuss, no extra charge and smiles all round.

Fish 349 - Scallops or Calamari

Scallops, calamari and chips: Fish 349

Fish 349 - Prawns

Chilli prawns: delicious

That said, we’re pretty relaxed diners. We’re a food-critic-free zone here. We’re blessed to enjoy such great produce in Tasmania and when someone else is cooking…. what a bonus! If the food tastes as good as it looks, and the staff are pleasant, we’re relatively easy to please. If by chance we’re not 100% happy about an experience; we don’t speak of it here (or via social media). It’s that simple. That rule stands for eating and drinking in Tasmania and every other category too.

You’ll be served fresh local seafood at Fish 349; no surprise there! Fish and chips in many guises, but also a variety of other menu options including burgers and salads. The gelati has the stamp of approval from our kids, aka the crash-test-dummies for Think Tasmania.

Fish 349 - Tasmanian Seafood

Fish and chips: Tasmanian seafood

Fish 349 - Burgers

Fish 349 also serve burgers and salads

Visit Fish 349 in Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. Phone 6234 7788 for bookings; for more information follow Fish 349 on Facebook.

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