The culinary talent behind flatpack Bakers is Tamsin Singleton. Her website reveals a little about the inspiration for her scrumptious business; and her passion for good food and Tasmania. And this article is exactly the sort of yummy article we love to publish at Think Tasmania.

Flatpack Bakers - Christmas Catering Recipes

Flatpack Bakers: Christmas catering (photos supplied)

Christmas Catering with Old-Fashioned Recipes

You probably know that you have a passion for something if it’s the thing that drives you to get out of bed very early in the morning when you are full of jet lag! Coming home in time for Christmas after my first big overseas adventure at 19, I crept down to the kitchen very early and baked cakes, bikkies and slices for hours: a huge baking session.

Luckily I didn’t have to worry about egg shortage because our two free-range chookie friends in the garden, Wacket and Hinder, always kept us supplied! And living in the beautiful Tasmanian countryside, we always had a well-stocked pantry as the nearest shop was a few kilometres away.

Flatpack Bakers - Recipes

Gourmet: Flatpack Bakers (photo supplied)

So out came Mum’s old cookery book, full of fascinating tips on vital things such as how to prepare a dinner party for eight (Swedish buffet style) or what to do if you needed to put on weight (I wish!). Cookery books then weren’t just to learn cooking techniques and recipes; they were manuals on how to live, how to be a married woman and how to make do. At 4am, there was something comforting in all that confident imparting of knowledge no matter how out-dated it was!

Flatpack Bakers - Christmas Catering Shortbread

Christmas shortbread (photo supplied)

A whirlwind of baking later and the rest of the family emerged from their beds to find Christmas catering sorted.

Flatpack Bakers - Christmas Catering

Christmas catering: Flatpack Bakers (photos supplied)

Christmas Catering with Flatpack Bakers Recipes

Fast forward to three years ago: my years of travelling were on hold, kids, work, not enough hours in the day… the usual story. And Christmas was approaching. Thoughts of Christmas catering were causing the usual ripples of horror among friends and family ending in: “will there be any restaurants open on the day?” I took my all-time favourite recipes, and refined and trialled them as bake at home mixes and the flatpack Bakers was born.

My enthusiastic testers voted for Very Chocolate Brownies, Darkest Chocolate Cake, Superb Shortbread and Chewy Oat Bars. I started a recipe blog with recipe variations for each mix plus an ever increasing database of other recipes that fans of flatpack Bakers might enjoy.

Flatpack Bakers - Very Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Very Chocolate Brownies (photo supplied)

My recipes had moved on a great deal from the days of Mum’s recipe book, but some values remained the same: only using the best ingredients such as free range eggs and organic flour and no nasty additives. Through my travels, I have really learned to appreciate the amazing ingredients Tasmania has to offer and include them where ever possible. My take home and bake mixes were quickly stocked by the wonderfully supportive Lenah Valley and Bellerive Foodstores and I found I was assisting with catering for an even larger crowd than that first Christmas when flatpack Bakers began.

Flatpack Bakers - Bake at Home Christmas Catering

Flatpack Bakers (photo supplied)

Come and see me along with some other amazing local producers at the Christmas Barn Market to have a taste of some of those recipes, grab a gift pack or get some of your Christmas catering sorted with a bake at home mix!

Flatpack Bakers - Tamsin Singleton at the Barn Market

Tamsin: Flatpack Bakers (photo supplied)

Thanks to Tamsin for sharing her wonderful product with us and we look forward to another taste test at the Barn Market, held at Rosny Farm on the eastern shore of Hobart.  The next event is a Christmas spectacular scheduled for Saturday 26 November 10:00-3:00.