We’ve been extremely fortunate during our Think Tasmania journey; we’ve dined at many lovely places. Lately, we’ve been to the Hobart Airport quite a lot… only for work though, not for exotic holidays in far-off places, so don’t be too jealous! However, we have managed to combine the trips with meals at Flight Restaurant. Aren’t we clever?

Flight Restaurant - Lamb

Lamb: Flight Restaurant, Hobart Airport Travelodge

Dinner Near the Airport: Flight Restaurant

Did you hear the news about the $25 million upgrade of the Hobart Airport? It all sounds pretty flash. “The airport owners will spend $25 million upgrading the terminal… The terminal facelift comes on top of a Federal Government pledge to spend $38 million extending the runway to allow for international flights“.

We wrote about the view from Seven Mile Beach of planes landing at Hobart Airport and how they seemed so close. Imagine what will happen when even larger international aircraft are roaring down overhead. Awesome!

Flight Restaurant - Qantas

Qantas: Hobart Airport, Tasmania

Anyway, we’re not discussing the airport facilities right now. We just wanted to share some of our meals from Flight Restaurant, the in-house cafe at Hobart Airport Travelodge. It’s open to visitors not necessarily staying overnight. We did have a menu at one stage, but now (when we need it most) we can’t track the darn thing down again.

Flight Restaurant - Pork Belly

Pork Belly: Flight Restaurant: Airport Travelodge Tasmania

We’ll come back to that, and when we find the online link, we’ll share it here so you can read the in-depth descriptions of the food and note the prices for yourselves.

Flight Restaurant - Sweet Potato

Flight Restaurant: Hobart Airport Travelodge, Tasmania

If you want to indulge, definitely leave room for the chocolate dessert… it was delicious! You’ll find Flight Restaurant on Facebook, or visit at 1 Holyman Avenue, Cambridge. Phone ahead on (03) 6248 3549. And here’s a hot tip: the coffee is really, really good quality!

Flight Restaurant - Chocolate

Flight Restaurant, Hobart Airport Travelodge, Tasmania

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