As promised, here’s another List of Ten Things to Do in Tasmania… this time based around food experiences for kids. Many people love to eat out, but those with children know it can be hard to find a place with decent food for you, that the kids will also enjoy. It’s nice to know Tasmania has such a wealth of great places to eat that cater for everyone in the family.

Food Experiences for Kids - Tasmanian Families

Tasmania: best food experiences for kids

Tasmanian Food Experiences for Kids Of All Ages

We know there’s a whole stack of food experiences for kids in Tasmania that could make this list. We’ve included only those we’ve actually been to recently, because… well, that’s just what we do.

If you have other great ideas, let us know about them. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to see a feature article about your place, invite Think Tasmania to visit. Simple! Now without further ado, here’s our next top ten list, in no particular order…

1. Salmon Ponds

Pancakes by the Salmon Ponds at Plenty (via New Norfolk) serve up delicious savoury and sweet pancakes plus an array of burgers, salads and drinks. Not only will you get a great meal, but there’s lots to entertain the family. Work up an appetite feeding the trout, roaming the huge gardens and searching for platypus.

Food Experiences for Kids - Pancakes by the Ponds

Pancakes by the Ponds (photos by Carol Haberle)

2. Fudge n Good Coffee

A new venture in Sheffield in the north west of Tasmania, Fudge n Good Coffee is just that. Plus an art gallery to boot. While adults will enjoy the quality of the coffee and gourmet pies, kids can choose from milkshakes and freshly-baked cookies. Of course, everyone will enjoy a free tasting of the delicious fudge.

Food Experiences for Kids - Tasmanian Fudge

Sheffield: Tasmanian Fudge n Good Coffee

3. Petty Sessions

While they do make a mean scallop pie, it’s more the outdoor area that has Petty Sessions in this list of food experiences for kids. Not only is there a playground right alongside the eating area, there’s also a funky little bike track for the younger kiddies. Pack the trike for junior and head to Franklin to enjoy a few moments of peace with a cappuccino and a serve of Tiramisu torte.

Food Experiences for Kids - Petty Sessions Playground

Playground in Franklin: Petty Sessions Cafe

4. Honey Farm

Do you like a little education thrown in with your food experiences for kids? The Honey Farm in Chudleigh in north west Tasmania might tick all the boxes for you. Bribery in the form of honey nougat and ice-cream treats, anyone? No, your little angels are well-behaved without that sort of incentive, aren’t they?

Food Experiences for Kids - Honey Farm

The Honey Farm, Chudleigh Tasmania (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

5. Pyengana Dairy

There’s plenty of choices at the Pyengana Dairy cafe in north east Tasmania suitable for everyone. Milkshakes and ice-creams to state the obvious… it is a dairy, after all. But you can choose proper lunches of hot soups and toasted sandwiches and finish with a chocolate brownie or an orange cake. Yes, with cream on the side!

Food Experiences for Kids - Pyengana Dairy

Chocolate brownie and Pyengana Dairy ice-cream

6. Cherry Shed

Like many of the other places listed here as good food experiences for kids, the Cherry Shed in Latrobe has a retail outlet and interesting displays. Always handy for a little distraction while waiting for meals. Not that we had to wait long… the large dining area was packed on the day of our visit, and the food was delivered in record-fast time. It’s not all sweet cherry pie, either… seafood, pizza and salads in the variety on offer.

Food Experiences for Kids - Tasmania

Cherry Shed, Latrobe Tasmania

7. House of Anvers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay, so there might be someone in the world who doesn’t fancy the cocoa-based delicacy, but we’re rating food experiences for kids in Tasmania here. And we wouldn’t be the only ones who can’t go past the House of Anvers when we’re in Latrobe. Main meals and desserts are available served indoors and out, plus there’s a shop for take-away goodies. You can even watch the chocolate being made if you time it right.

Food Experiences for Kids - House of Anvers

Popular food experiences for kids (photo by Dan Fellow)

8. Festivale

Festivale will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at Launceston City Park in February this year. It’s a fantastic event with something for all the family in both the entertainment and dining stakes. Spread a picnic blanket on the lawns under the beautiful trees in the park and choose from a myriad of food and drink stalls. If you’re really lucky you might win a 3-day pass in our Festivale Giveaway.

Food Experiences for Kids - Festivale

Festivale Launceston (photo supplied)

9. Lilydale Bakery

The Lilydale Tavern Bakery and Cafe is a tricky one. A pub is probably not a place you’d usually expect to find in a top ten list of food experiences for kids, but we have to make an exception this time. The truth is, they make great pies. And great cakes too! And the best part for a family: it won’t break the bank if you have a few hungry teenagers on board.

Food Experiences for Kids - Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe

Cornish pasties: Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe (photo by Dan Fellow)

10. Raspberry Farm

Here’s one to balance out all the treats we’ve been recommending… add a bit of fruit to the food experiences for kids. The Raspberry Farm at Christmas Hills has a very popular cafe in a beautiful setting and provides an extensive menu. Should be something to please all palates, we think.

Food Experiences for Kids - Raspberry Farm

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Final Word: Food Experiences for Kids in Tassie

Upon reflection, this list of food experiences for kids hardly offers a very balanced diet. We know most parents feed their children a much healthier version than what we’ve shown, and Tasmania does offer healthy produce too. We promise! Perhaps the really indulgent food we’ve shown could be for special occasions? Now one last splurge before we exit the topic of fine family food… don’t forget to enter the 4 Little Piggies cupcake giveaway.

Food Experiences for Kids - Cupcake Giveaway

4 Little Piggies: Angry Birds cupcakes (photo supplied)

And that brings this latest top ten list to a close. We still have oodles of things to do in Tasmania with kids to incorporate, so we’ll be returning to this topic again soon. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy some quality time with the family and enjoy some of what we’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Thanks to the great team we have at Think Tasmania for the contribution of articles and stunning photos that have been included in this compilation.

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