Back in May last year we promised to share an article about the food at Woodbridge on the Derwent. This has taken longer than we originally intended, but we’re finally circling back and keeping good on that promise.

Woodbridge on the Derwent - Breakfast

Buffet breakfast: Woodbridge on the Derwent

The Food: Woodbridge on the Derwent Dinner

As we’re prone to do, we present to you a pictorial account. The photos feature the food we enjoyed during our stay at Woodbridge on the Derwent. We began with a pre-dinner drink in our gorgeous room as the sun set over the river. And then we moved to the pavilion for a Tasmanian hotel dining experience like no other we’ve ever had before.

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Wine

Pre-dinner drinks at sunset

Dinner can be reserved by guests staying at this luxury accommodation property, and the serves were incredibly generous. All the courses – and there were plenty of them – were top quality.

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Bread

Wholesome food: soup, fresh bread and butter

Gavin chose to upgrade to the full menu while I held fast to the light option. However, much to his amusement I had to “share” his entree and I would return to Woodbridge on the Derwent purely to eat more food like that crostini.

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Entree

Magical crostini with goats cheese

The cheesy pasta was a meal I’d happily order from a fine Italian restaurant. Gavin was equally impressed with the beef cheeks, creamy mash and steamed veggies.

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Pasta

Pasta… the light meal option!

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Beef

Food keeps coming: dining in New Norfolk

We were thrilled with panna cotta and berries for dessert; a true classic and very appropriate way to finish an amazing dinner. After all that deliciousness, we were extremely glad our room was only metres away. Food coma come at us!

Food Woodbridge on the Derwent - Dessert

Panna cotta dessert: Woodbridge on the Derwent

Woodbridge on the Derwent is located at 6 Bridge Street in New Norfolk, the capital of Tasmania’s Derwent Valley region. Phone 0417 996 305 for details or follow Woodbridge on the Derwent via Facebook.

Think Tasmania stayed (and ate food) as guests of Woodbridge on the Derwent.

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