If you’re the same as me, you will have sorely missed the footy season. The recent drug scandals haven’t dampened my interest in the AFL. I don’t have a team but I do enjoy the AFL as a supplement to my main passion that runs for nine months of the year in the northern climes.

Footy - AFL Eagles Banner

AFL: West Coast Eagles footy, Blundstone Arena

Footy: AFL Experience in Tasmania

by Roger Findlay

When we planned our upcoming holiday for the month of April I made the mistake of not checking the dates for the AFL games being played in Tasmania. There will be two games of footy played when we’re on the Island. One is being played in Hobart the day we arrive; and the other in Launceston a week later when we’re in Hobart!

Footy - Hawthorn in Launceston

Hawthorn: Aurora Stadium, Launceston

Footy Aurora Stadium: LauncestonHawthorn

I have only seen two games “live” and they were both in Tasmania. The first game was between Hawthorn and the Brisbane Lions at Aurora Stadium and we enjoyed the occasion immensely.

Footy - AFL at Aurora Stadium

Tassie Hawks v Brisbane Lions: Aurora Stadium, Launceston

We were sitting to the right of the goal posts in moderately priced seats adjacent to a sprinkling of Lions supporters. I marvelled at the speed and skills of the players at the footy.

Footy - Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions

Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions: Aurora Stadium, Launceston Tasmania

The wind howled and it was a cold day but I found it to be everything I’d expected with regard to spectator facilities and value for money.

Footy at Blundstone Arena, Hobart: North Melbourne

From a distance Blundstone Arena looked impressive and I was looking forward to the atmosphere of a near full stadium. North Melbourne was playing the West Coast Eagles with both pushing hard to improve their aspirations for the finals.

Footy - Roos Banner

The Roos playing footy in Hobart Tasmania

Tickets sold fast leaving me with no other option than a ground ticket. The Kangaroos and the Eagles provided some magnificent entertainment and a close footy contest right up to the end.

Footy - West Coast v North Melbourne

Nic Naitanui: ruck for West Coast Eagles

I wouldn’t attend the footy in Hobart again without a reserved seat. However, the 2013 Blundstone Arena redevelopment plans have recently been given the green light. The upgrade will increase the capacity of the ground by 5,000 and promises to improve spectator facilities.

Footy - Hobart, Mt Wellington

Mt Wellingston: Blundstone Arena, Bellerive Tasmania

Now let’s have a look at the Tasmanian footy fixture for 2013:

Hobart, Bellerive, Blundstone Arena:

April 13 – Saturday – 1.45pm North Melbourne v Sydney Swans – Round 3

May 4 – Saturday – 2.10pm North Melbourne v Port Adelaide – Round 6

Launceston, Aurora Stadium:

April 20 – Saturday – 1.45pm Hawthorn v Fremantle Dockers – Round 4

May 18 – Saturday – 2.10pm Hawthorn v GWS Giants – Round 8

June 30 – Sunday – 1.10pm Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions – Round 14

July 20 – Saturday – 1.45pm Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs – Round 17

Obviously the outstanding match is the first one to be played in Tasmania for the season, when the Swans come to town. Expect them to travel with a big following. Get your seats booked when they go on sale so you don’t miss out.

Footy - North Melbourne Kangaroos

Blundstone Arena: Tasmanian AFL, North Melbourne Kangaroos

When I checked the Virgin flights out of Melbourne, I noticed that most of the cheap seats have gone on the day of the Swans game. Why not make it a long weekender? Sail aboard the Spirit of Tasmania on Friday night. Catch the bus down to Hobart. Go to the footy. Stay the night and fly home on Sunday.

Footy - Final Score

Spirit of Tasmania footy score board

Tasmania can be proud of hosting six games of footy each season. But I’m sure residents can’t wait to boast a Tasmanian-based club with a magnificent purpose built stadium to match.

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