We should take up golf. If not for the sport itself, then definitely for the views! Carol Haberle shared her images of Barnbougle Lost Farm in north east Tasmania, and they were truly stunning. These photos of Forcett Lakes are no-where near as special (photographically speaking), but we thought the rural outlook was pretty enough to warrant sharing.

Forcett Lakes - Rural Scenery

Sunday drive: rural countryside, Tasmania

Country Life: Forcett Lakes

We were cruising around the countryside after taking photos of planes from Seven Mile Beach a while back. We decided to visit Park Beach and check out the surfing action. En route, we stopped at Forcett Lakes Golf Course near Lewisham to admire the scenery.

Growing up on a farm in rural Victoria, it was easy enough to take country life for granted. As an adult though, an appreciation of small towns and the much-lauded “wide open spaces” has been gradually developing.

Forcett Lakes - Farm Crop

Lewisham farm: neatly planted crops

Last weekend, we made our way towards Tasmania’s far south. We agreed there was just something about small communities; they’re tranquil and intangibly good.

Forcett Lakes - Lewisham

Beautiful scenic vista near Lewisham via Sorell

Birds of a Feather

Besides the Forcett Lakes Golf Course, a stop on Lewisham Scenic Drive provided views of swans, ducks and a variety of other birds. We were also quite taken by a majestic-looking horse. He pretty-much ignored us completely, notwithstanding a cursory glance.

Forcett Lakes - Swans

Swans glide on Forcett Lakes

The adjacent hillside was planted in very neat rows. We would’ve liked to hurdle the fence and traipse through the farmer’s paddock for a closer look at the crop… but we’re not quite that bold. We draw the line at trespassing for the sake of a photo!

Despite the brilliant, clear-blue skies over Seven Mile Beach, by the time we reached Forcett Lakes, the clouds had rolled in and darkened the horizon. Not very considerate of Mother Nature really, to spoil our fun with the camera.

Forcett Lakes - Dark Sky

Dark clouds: Tasmanian horizon

Forcett Lakes Golf Course

There’s no ulterior motive for sharing these photos; we just hope Think Tasmania readers enjoy them. If you have a personal opinion about golf or country-life, feel free to leave a comment for everyone to see. If you’re a keen golfer and you’d like to play a round at Forcett Lakes, you’ll find the course at 20 Lewisham Scenic Drive, Lewisham (about 30 minutes drive from Hobart, via Sorell).

Forcett Lakes - Golf Course

Forcett Lakes Golf Course near Lewisham, Tasmania

Apparently there’s a restaurant on site at Forcett Lakes. We were totally unaware of that fact before our visit, and didn’t even notice any sign of a restaurant from the car park. Pity. We may not be golfers, but we can certainly eat and drink with the best of them!

Forcett Lakes - Horse

This horse didn’t think we were interesting!

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Map: Forcett Lakes, Lewisham Tasmania…

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