When we wrote about Cod Rock Point, we mentioned Bicheno’s Foreshore Footway and included a photo of the stunning waterfront track. Since then, we’ve had so many requests for more information we’ve decided to add what we know here, in one place. Cheers!

Foreshore Footway - Beach Track

Foreshore Footway: Bicheno Tasmania

Things to Do in Bicheno: Foreshore Footway

We were able to approach the Foreshore Footway directly from the penguin-friendly garden at Cod Rock Point, our beautiful Bicheno accommodation. There are public access points at either end of the track and central locations, all well signed.

Foreshore Footway - Cod Rock Point

Garden: Cod Rock Point Apartments

This was not a difficult walk. Anyone with a medium level of fitness should manage without too many challenges. Unless you venture off-track to scale Whalers Lookout… hills are minimal.

Cod Rock Point - Foreshore Footway, Bicheno

Bicheno: Foreshore Footway

Walking in Tasmania

The entire Foreshore Footway extends about three kms. If you park at one end, walk the full length and return, you’ll therefore be covering approximately six kms. The time required to complete that trek is completely dependent on your walking speed.

Of course, when calculating your walk-time, you’ll need to factor photographic opportunities into your timing. There is a great deal of beautiful coastal scenery to capture. You can expect to encounter birds and other wildlife; lichen-covered orange rocks and lots of boats.

Foreshore Footway - Bicheno Tasmania

Waubs Bay: Bicheno Tasmania

Tasmanian Beaches

The Foreshore Footway is potentially unsuitable for prams or wheelchairs in its entirety, without detours. At one point, walkers traverse the beach sand, and also need to clamber over small rocks.

There are chances to rest at strategically-placed seating. Public toilets are marked on a town map and don’t require much deviation from the Foreshore Footway. There’s also the option of veering into the town centre for cakes and coffee, or even a stronger beverage or two.

Foreshore Footway - Walking in Tasmania

Walking in Tasmania: Foreshore Footway, Bicheno

Bicheno Tourist Attractions

Our photos depict a walk to the western end of the Foreshore Footway, including views to Diamond Island. Heading away from town in the opposite direction will take walkers past The Gulch to Bicheno Blowhole, an iconic Tasmanian tourist attraction. Perhaps we’ll share photos from the eastern end of the track another time?

Foreshore Footway - Diamond Island

Diamond Island: Bicheno Tasmania

Beaches are a highlight of any visit to east coast Tasmania. The colours of the ocean at Redbill Beach are… well, indescribable really. We hope we’ve covered all the details required by readers now. By all means, let us know in the reply section below if you have any further questions.

Foreshore Footway - Redbill Beach

Redbill Beach: Bicheno Tasmania

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Map: Foreshore Footway, Bicheno Tasmania…

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