While researching an article titled Things to Do: Free Tasmania I discovered an online store that sells maps. They also have some Tasmanian mapping products available for download without charge.

Free Tasmania- Maps for Tourists

Free Maps: Tasmania Dept Primary Industry and Parks

Want Maps for Free Tasmania?

The website belongs to Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Clicking this link Tasmania Free Map Products will take you directly to the section with the cost-free maps. Terms and conditions apply to the free downloads.

Free Tasmania Maps and Some for Sale

Some of the maps from the site, not necessarily all free…

  • Tasmania Wall Maps & Posters
  • Tourist Products
  • Tasmanian Towns Street Atlas
  • National Parks, Walks and Recreational Maps
  • Historic Charts and Aerial Photography
Free Tasmania - Maps to Download

Tourist maps for free: Tasmania

Currently advertised as the perfect Christmas gift: a bundle of maps for touring Tasmania. I also noticed they have maps suitable for fishing enthusiasts… maybe another good Christmas idea?

So there you go. Just a quick tip and hopefully a useful piece of information for someone. We all like something for free and Tasmania has lots of great things to do that don’t cost a fortune.

Free Tasmania - Maps for Article Research

Mapping out future articles: Free Tasmania

Stay tuned for the Things to Do: Free Tasmania article we mentioned.