Over the years, we’ve written many articles about fudge in Tasmania. Ever the popular topic, it seems people can’t get enough of the chocolate treats made here. Maybe it’s the Tasmanian weather… a climate conducive to eating wickedly well. Whatever the reason, we thought we’d do our readers the courtesy of rounding up all the relevant yummy stories into one convenient location. Aren’t we nice?

Fudge in Tasmania - Bridestowe Lavender

Fudge: Bridestowe Lavender (photo by Dan Fellow)

Taste Fudge in Tasmania

In no particular order, here’s a few places you can get your fix of fudge in Tasmania that we’ve personally experienced so far. Readers are welcome to add more details of their own die-hard favourites in the comment section below for others to see and share.

Fudge n Good Coffee

When we first met Chris and Rini Puccetti in Sheffield, the Fudge n Good Coffee business was a relatively new one. They had grand plans and have since implemented many improvements and additions to the main street shop. The fudge flavours are still sounding just as tempting as ever!

Fudge in Tasmania - Fudge n Good Coffee, Sheffield

Sheffield Tasmania: Fudge n Good Coffee (photo supplied)

Retro Fudge Bar

Matt and Tania Carey moved to Tasmania from Queensland, and after a stint in central Hobart opened the Retro Fudge Bar in Bellerive on the Eastern Shore. Opening early morning, they sell a range of casual snacks and meals and their coffee is particularly popular, with local patrons streaming through the door on a regular basis. The fudge is fresh and colourful and made in-house.

Fudge in Tasmania - Retro Fudge Bar, Bellerive

Retro Fudge Bar, Bellerive Tasmania

Fudge A’Fare

The meeting of our writer Cassandra Wunch with Dannielle Quinn and Matthew Gould may well have started our own affair with fudge in Tasmania. As owners of Fudge A’Fare, the duo hand-make their award-winning goodies in Lutuna (Hobart) and package it beautifully into souvenir boxes featuring iconic tourism hotspots.

Fudge in Tasmania - Fudge A'Fare, Hobart

Fudge A’Fare: iconic Tasmania (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)


Maurice and Helen Curtis from Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula pride themselves on using the freshest, finest Tasmanian ingredients for their aptly-named business, Fudgey. Having done our due-research and sampled their wares, we can confirm they do indeed make a very tasty gourmet treat. And we loved taking photos of their gorgeously-appealing chocolate fudge, too.

Fudge in Tasmania - Fudgey, Eaglehawk Neck

Gourmet Tasmanian fudge: Fudgey

The House of Anvers

This place needs little introduction with lovers of fudge in Tasmania. Very popular with tourists and locals alike, and featured in many of the gourmet Tassie hamper options, the House of Anvers produce very fine fudge. And other chocolate treats as well. You’ll find them on the main highway when visiting the town of Latrobe.

Fudge in Tasmania - House of Anvers

Sample House of Anvers fudge (photo by Dan Fellow)

Silk Tasmania

A new tourist attraction opened in Chudleigh near Mole Creek and was brought to our attention by Dan Fellow in February 2012. Along with handicrafts and gifts, Silk Tasmania owners Jane and Don Lamont were making fudge in store, and offering free tastings to visitors. It was a great addition to the Honey Farm, also in Chudleigh. We’ve not heard much about the progress of the business lately… we hope they’re still there?

Fudge in Tasmania - Silk, Chudleigh

Home-made fudge: Silk Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Original Tasmanian Fudge Company

According to photographer Anelda LotterBruny Island Providore is a must-visit location for the foodie keen to taste beautiful fudge and truffles. The Original Tasmanian Fudge Company is a boutique family-run business based at Hiba, a picturesque property on Bruny Island. The handmade fudge and other sweet products will be sure to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur.

Fudge in Tasmania - Bruny Island Providore

Bruny Island Providore: fudge (photo by Anelda Lotter)


Upon walking into the fantasy land of Reliquaire in Latrobe, visitors are offered a free tasting of fudge. We were originally given the heads-up about the amazing shopping sensation of the north west coast by Lorraine McNeair, a volunteer at the local Tourist Information Centre. We were so intrigued, we had to follow up with a visit, and happily sampled the delightful range of fudge.

Fudge in Tasmania - Reliquaire Latrobe

Think Tasmania… Reliquaire, Latrobe

Tasmanian Craft Fair

Many of our writers and photographers have been to the Tasmanian Craft Fair, and written about the massive range of products available for purchase. Michelle Kneipp Pegler was one to mention the chocolate fudge, a perfect source of energy for days of browsing the handmade markets.

Salamanca Market

Regular readers would’ve noticed Anelda Lotter’s passion for beautiful things, and her talent for photographing people and food. The Salamanca Market offers a broad range of subjects for her then, one of them being the stalls featuring fudge. She declared the tastings from the House of Fudge “a delight”.

Fudge in Tasmania - Salamanca Market

House of Fudge: Salamanca Market (photos by Anelda Lotter)

Thermo De Lish

This final version of fudge in Tasmania is a little removed from the others we’ve mentioned here. Elisha from Thermo De Lish (and also incidentally the niece of our very own Carol Haberle) shared one of the official website recipes with her own community of Thermomix customers. We gave the recipe a whirl, and despite any delusions about our cooking skills, we were able to turn out a delectable batch of caramel fudge. Not the same quality as the professionals no doubt, but readily received at home.

Fudge in Tasmania - Caramel

Home-made caramel fudge: Thermomix