There are some places in Tasmania we are just destined to visit. When we crowned the Pickled Sisters Pantry as the winners of our pretend competition for the best Tasmanian business name, the owners of Fudge n Good Coffee suggested their business had quite a clever name too. We agreed, and they issued an invitation to visit for a free tasting session. Little did they know, we planned to be in Sheffield at Eagles Nest Retreat the very next day, and took them up on their invitation.

Fudge n Good Coffee - Take Home Trio of Fudge

Free tasting: fudge

Fudge n Good Coffee: Puccetti Family

Of course, when we meet great people with a great product, we like to share the experience here. And you’d be hard-pressed to meet a more enthusiastic couple than the Puccetti duo. Having lived most recently in Tuscany, they searched for an Australian base to raise their two boys. They wanted a place with similar weather and came up with… Sheffield.

Now I’ve never lived in Italy, so they could be having a lend of me about the similarities in the weather; but they seem very happy with their choice of home town. They’re active in the community, joining both the school council and the International Mural Fest committee, and love to promote the region. They also have a team of local teenagers on their payroll, and we were really impressed with their service and their smiles.

Fudge n Good Coffee is actually a two-for-one business deal, with Gallery Tasmania located in the same building. Once a dilapidated shop housing a bakery in the main street of Sheffield, the place was ripe for demolition. The Puccetti family were able to salvage very little of the neglected building, but they’ve created a great space for their new venture. Chris Puccetti is a photographer with extensive experience in the fashion industry; Rini Puccetti is a graphic designer and published author. Combining those artistic talents has resulted in a gallery cafe as beautiful as their fudge.

Fudge n Good Coffee - Gallery Tasmania

Gallery Tasmania

Gallery TasmaniaGood Fudge n Coffee

With an official opening scheduled for Gallery Tasmania in December, Chris already has 11 exhibitors booked to showcase their work, and plans to support local artists whenever possible. Of course, if there’s ever some free wall space, Chris could exhibit his own work. While he declares he has a huge catalogue of fashion photos that no-one would want to buy, he’s clearly also an accomplished landscape photographer and will be adding to his portfolio in his spare time. Living in Sheffield gives him easy access to some of the most stunning scenery imaginable.

Fudge n Good Coffee - Local Artists and Photographers

Gallery Tasmania: Sheffield

Okay, so while the business name would suggest what Fudge n Good Coffee sell, naturally we had to undertake a taste-test. Just for the sake of research, of course! We’re now happy to give both elements a resounding nod of approval.

For caffeine aficionados, Chris and Rini are official suppliers of Lavazza coffee. They use real cream and fresh eggs (supplied by their own chickens) in their fudge, and have hundreds of flavours in their range, with a selection of about 20 to choose from each day. And when we met Rini in the spotlessly clean, stainless steel kitchen, she was busy making a batch of cookies. Her first batch had sold out by lunchtime, so they’re obviously in high demand too.

Fudge n Good Coffee - Free Tastings

Free tasting at Fudge n Good Coffee

Full Steam Ahead in Sheffield

Fudge n Good Coffee customers will soon be able to enjoy movies on a huge TV screen in the cafe. Chris also plans to highlight another local attraction by making a SteamFest cart to collect coffee cups from patrons. The pair have already embraced Sheffield’s Town of Murals theme by having their own, colourful version painted on the front of the building. And while they originally sold milk shakes, fudge and coffee, they’ve since introduced gourmet pies on the menu too.

Fudge n Good Coffee - Sheffield

Sheffield: Town of Murals

Chris and Rini Puccetti intend to live in Sheffield for another 60-70 years! And they might just have to live that long, to achieve all the projects on their wish list.

30 November ~ Great news everyone. You now have a chance to win your very own assortment of goodies from Fudge n Good Coffee in Sheffield…

Gallery Tasmania is at 47 Main St in Sheffield Tasmania. You can follow Fudge n Good Coffee on Facebook or phone 03 6491 1383 for more information.

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Map: Fudge n Good Coffee, Sheffield Tasmania

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