Fudge A’Fare is a little bit of decadence nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in Lutana. Dannielle Quinn and Matthew Gould were kind enough to invite me into their kitchen to share the magic.

Fudge - Souvenir & Gift Packs

Fudge A’Fare: souvenir from Tasmania (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Fudge: A’Fare Share

by Cassandra Wunsch

The business has been operating since 1997, though the snazzy new-look packaging has only been around for three or four years. And it’s safe to say that fudge is Dannielle and Matthew’s passion. It’s literally all they do! As their website says… ‘do one thing, but do it better than anyone else’.

It certainly seems like they’ve hit the mark. Fudge A’Fare has been taking part in the Wrest Point Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards since 2003 and they have an impressive array of ribbons to bolster their already impressive credentials. Dannielle is a world class pastry chef who has competed in a number of international competitions.

Honest to Goodness Fudge

Let’s be honest though, all you really want to know is… did I eat some, and how was it? Oh boy! I don’t really speak the food critic language, so I’m struggling to come up with words that’ll convey it accurately for you. When it comes to food, I’m not particularly sophisticated. No one will ever be able to convince me that $100 for a single cut of meat is worthwhile, even if it has gold flecks in it! This however, is something else entirely.

Fudge - Tasmanian Devil

Souvenir Tasmanian Devil, Fudge A’Fare (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

When I brought home my little bag of treasures to sample for this article, my father (a die-hard sweet tooth) fussed about pointedly in the kitchen until I was ready to open the boxes. It’s unfortunate my first bite was peppermint chocolate, because there’s something about peppermint that just doesn’t work for me.

Fudge - Peppermint

Peppermint fudge

Dad watched my face and with a disappointed frown he said “Oh honey, you don’t look impressed.” Then he spent ten minutes telling me I was crazy. He likes peppermint just fine!

Fudge - Tasmanian Handmade

Handmade Tasmanian Fudge (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Handmade, Award-Winning Tasmanian Fudge

My personal favourite was Wild Berry white chocolate fudge. I chased my family away from it. They could share the rest amongst themselves, but those precious few white bricks were mine! All mine! It was no surprise to me at all that this particular flavour is a pretty solid winner at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, coming away with a gold medal every time it’s entered.

Having said that, the entire family sat about that evening making somewhat indecent noises, and demanding to know if they could raid the goody bag which had been entrusted to me for the lovely editor of Think Tasmania. I’d like you all to note that not a nugget of chocolaty goodness was missing the next day when I handed over said bag (though it cost me my soul, and my father may write me out of the will).

Fudge - A'Fare Souvenir Box

Fudge in a box: iconic Tasmanian (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

From their website, Fudge A’Fare offers a range of products; from 40gm bite-sized treat boxes to personally organised catering packs to suit your wedding, function, or soon to be violently diabetic father.

Fudge - Handmade in Tasmania

Fudge A’Fare: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

If you’d like to catch Dannielle and Matt in person, they sometimes have a stall at the Barn Market in Rosny and have plans to expand that retail avenue in the future.

Cassandra Wunsch is a third-year journalism student at Open Universities Australia. She lives in Hobart with her husband Florian and daughter Taliesin, and would like to continue to write full-time when she graduates. Her personal blog is www.10percentinspired.com

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