Last week we enjoyed a tasting session of gourmet fudge, handmade by Maurice and Helen Curtis at Eaglehawk Neck. It was an essential part of the job, actually. Fudgey have asked to join our competition schedule, and we had to ensure their product was worthy of inclusion alongside all the other great prizes we’ve offered here at Think Tasmania.

Fudgey - Gourmet Fudge

Gourmet fudge: handmade in Tasmania

Fudgey: Made in Tasmania

The Fudgey website reveals the freshest, finest ingredients are used in production, including Tasmanian butter, Tasmanian wilderness mountain water and the richest chocolate. They claim to make one of the tastiest Tasmanian gourmet treats available, and we’re happy to report that we agree. Totally! Therefore, the competition will be going ahead and you don’t have long to wait for the opportunity.

We’ve already shared the details of the Fudgey business with an album of photos on Facebook. However, we’re well aware that some of our readers don’t use social media. So we’re sharing here for you too! You can contact Maurice and Helen Curtis by email for more details or phone 0431 863 546.

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Fudgey - Cute Packaging

Cute packaging by Fudgey

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