The Gallery of Small Works Exhibition is an exciting new opportunity for Tasmanian artists to produce and exhibit original works while contributing to the renewal of Triabunna. This new annual exhibition will promote artists to international visitors who flood the east coast of Tasmania in the tourist season. The exhibition will be launched in Triabunna, 4 January 2013.

Gallery of Small Works Exhibition - Triabunna Tasmania

Living history museum: Triabunna Tasmania

Gallery of Small Works ExhibitionTriabunna

by Sue Nettlefold

Entry is free for contributing artists and all works will be offered for sale at $100 each (plus GST). The Gallery of Small Works Exhibition will run from January 4 to February 28. Artworks will be rotated as they are sold with the aim of showcasing as many works as possible.

Any stretched canvas up to 15cm x 15cm is suitable for use, with both canvas and application forms available from…

Tasmanian Artists: Exhibition Entries

Entries close Friday 7 December, so anyone looking to contribute needs to act swiftly! Entries must be posted to Gallery Art Spaces, PO Box 27, Triabunna 7190. Any unsold works will be held over for the following year’s exhibition unless specified otherwise.

Gallery of Small Works Exhibition - Triabunna Painters Studio

Triabunna Painter’s Studio: Sue Nettlefold (photos supplied)

Living History Museum and Working Community Arts Studio

The Gallery of Small Works Exhibition is a fundraiser to help boost the cultural coffers of the east coast and the area of Triabunna and Orford in particular. There is a group in the area working towards the building of a new living history museum and working community arts studio in Triabunna. They have been given the land and UTAS is currently putting together a feasibility study and concept design for the building.

Gallery of Small Works Exhibition - East Coast of Tasmania

Gallery of Small Works Exhibition: Triabunna, Tasmania.

A commission from the sale of each painting at the exhibition will be collected, and part of the proceeds will be donated to the development and support of the museum and arts studio project. The organisers have had incredible support already, with over 200 canvases going out to Tasmanian artists. Triabunna is struggling with the change necessary to survive and this is one step Tasmanians can take to support the renewal of a region.

Sue Nettlefold is the administrator and teacher of the Triabunna Painters Studio. Classes are held Wednesday between 9.00am and 12.30pm. She is also curator of The Gallery of Small Works Exhibition to be launched 4 January 4 2013. For more information email Sue Nettlefold or phone 0429 326 780.

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Map: Triabunna, Tasmania

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