Our weekend away in north east Tasmania has revealed a fact that will change history and set the world of theologians and historians into a spin. The Good Book tells us about the Garden of Eden but omitted to tell us where it was.

Garden of Eden - North East Tasmania

Discover the Garden of Eden, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Garden of Eden: Branxholm Tasmania

by Len Langan

Contain your surprise! There is no room for doubt or cynicism here. Simply accept the fact that Jill and I have found its exact location and that we feel rather like Carter when he found the tomb of King Tut and Louis Pasteur when he realised the significance of the stuff growing on his pot of strawberry jam.

The Garden of Eden was and is, at Branxholm in the Shire of Dorset. Yes, right here in Tasmania. The sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside should have made this obvious years ago. King Tut didn’t leave a sign post reading “I’m here guys” but this landscape is a giveaway.

Garden of Eden - Tasmania

Show me a sign: Garden of Eden, Tasmania

Adam and Eve left the place years ago and sailed in a north westerly direction in a boat carved out of the tree of knowledge to discover a place called The Holy Land and this very fact changes a few assumptions about Abel Tasman discovering our place in the world. He didn’t know it but he was actually only coming home to where it all started. Too many historians have made this simple mistake about how and where things really started. God always knows best and we have it on very good authority that He moves in mysterious ways. Best not argue with Him!

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Today the Garden of Eden is called Tin Dragon Trail Cottages and you will be greeted by Christine and Graham. Do not expect fig leaves but you can certainly count on excellent accommodation and a genuine welcome. The old caves in the hillside have long gone but they have been replaced with extremely comfortable self contained dwellings fit for a new generation of Garden of Eden seekers.

Garden of Eden - Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, Branxholm Tasmania

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages: Branxholm, north east Tasmania

Are you planning a trip to Tasmania (and everyone should plan a trip to Tasmania). Or if you live in Tasmania, are you planning to travel around? Why live under a cloud when you have paradise on your doorstep? Head for Tin Dragon Trail Cottages and discover comfort, peace and all the glories of nature.

Garden of Eden - Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Self contained accommodation: Branxholm, north east Tasmania

Adam and Eve didn’t take up this divine offer and left. They looked but they didn’t see. A few days spent in this kingdom of earthly delights will refresh you in body, soul and spirits. The district beyond will enchant you, the people entertain you and the history give you a sense of belonging.

Do Yourself a Favour!

Take our advice. Contact Tin Dragon Trail Cottages by email or phone 0407 501 137. They’re at 3 Cox’s Lane in Branxholm, Tasmania. And you should know this is not an advertisement, but a very warm and genuine recommendation from people that love Tasmania and want you to love it as much as we do, over and over again. As the old saying tells us: “you’ll be so glad you did.”

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages are set in a 36 acre alpaca park amidst a natural native forest abounding in Tasmanian wildlife on the glorious banks of the Ringarooma River. The night sky is magnificent, the quiet that city dwellers dream about is astonishing, and the sheer beauty of the place is magical.

Garden of Eden - Ringarooma River

Alpacas and river setting: north east Tasmania

Drive carefully to and from your cottage, particularly at sunset and after dark, to see the possums, wallabies, quolls and echidna. The occasional sight of an eagle might thrill you but blue wrens and black cockatoos will almost certainly come to look at you. If you fish a wild trout might tease you into landing it.

Garden of Eden - Chinese Heritage, Settlers Hut Interpretation Centre

Henry Ah Ping Chinese heritage: Tin Dragon Trail Cottages

Please Note ~Think Tasmania was invited to visit Branxholm during the Dorset Arts Festival by the team from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages. Len and Jill Langan stayed as guests on our behalf so we could feature more about the stunning Tasmanian north east region on our website and social media platforms.

Len Langan lives in Longford with his wife Jill.  They are both passionate about Tasmanian heritage and tourism and things that can be done in this industry. Len writes about Tasmanian history  for both The Courier in Longford and the magazine Sagacity,  and works with Virtuosi taking music to rural areas.

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Map: Garden of Eden (aka Branxholm!) Tasmania…

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