Curiosity got the better of us last weekend. According to an advertisement on the telly, we could venture from GASP to MONA as part of a fun run. Walking is something I’m learning to love all over again since my hip replacement surgery. Each time I’ve ventured out so far, Gavin has accompanied me (or vice versa) just for peace of mind, as I find my feet again. We thought a 4km stroll as our first but mentally-monumental venture away from home turf might suit the pair of us down to the ground.

GASP - Montrose Bay

GASP! Montrose Bay, Glenorchy

GASP: Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park

Upon investigation, the timing of the fun run didn’t suit the family’s hectic sporting schedule. We were a bit disappointed, so we decided to go and do the walk by ourselves on the long weekend instead. We’ve seen some amazing pictures attributed to GASP, and we were keen to see the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park in person.

Rather than walk towards MONA, we chose to walk from the carpark at Montrose Bay to Wilkinson’s Point, about 4km there and back again. The perfect distance for this momentous occasion. GASP includes sections of boardwalk stretching across the Derwent River, bordered by coloured fences. There’s also pavilions with BBQ facilities and signage indicating historical facts about Glenorchy and birdwatching opportunities.

GASP - Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park

Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park, aka GASP!

GASP - Derwent River

GASP! boardwalk across the Derwent River

GASP - Walk to MONA

Walk: Wilkinson’s Point around Montrose Bay to MONA

No Dogs Allowed on the Boardwalk

We took Coco with us, and therein lies a big mistake. Dogs are not permitted on the boardwalk (even on a lead) so we didn’t get to enjoy the full experience of GASP. There are footpaths leading around the boardwalk that connect the individual sections of the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park though, so we still managed to arrive at Wilkinson’s Point.

GASP - Coloured Fence

Coloured fence: boardwalk at GASP!

GASP - Shared Walkway

Shared concrete path around the boardwalk

A pavilion with a red window is featured in many a photo of GASP. There’s other clear windows overlooking the Derwent River from a jut-out section over the water too. Like those in our house, all the windows could do with a good wash to remove a thick layer of dust, but the views are still cleverly orchestrated.

GASP - Community Art Project

Much-photographed red wall of GASP!

MONA Ferry Glides By

We saw the MONA ferry motor past, both on it’s way to Berriedale and back again to the docks in Hobart, ready to collect more passengers. There’s a jetty at Wilkinson’s Point, and we assume the ferry must stop there occasionally. Public toilets and a partly walled section (open to the river side) make the area a unique and interesting meeting place.


MONA Ferry: Wilkinson’s Point

GASP - Wilkinson's Point

The GASP! Pavilion: Wilkinson’s Point

The walk from Montrose Bay to Wilkinson’s Point takes visitors past the Derwent Entertainment Centre, affectionately known as The DEC. The indoor function centre and entertainment venue stages Tasmanian concerts, exhibitions and large-scale events. The Elwick Racecourse adjoins the carpark, and the Hobart Showground is diagonally opposite, across the Brooker Highway. So it’s a busy little intersection!

GASP - Derwent Entertainment Centre

Derwent Entertainment Centre via the GASP! boardwalk


The DEC, Hobart’s Derwent Entertainment Centre

Stay Tuned for More of GASP!

The project is being advanced in stages, so there’s still more to come for the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park. GASP! is a community project; an initiative of the local council and has been supported by all tiers of government. Next time we visit, Coco will stay home. She won’t be at all pleased with that arrangement – but at least we’ll be allowed to traverse the boardwalk.

GASP - Shared Walkway

Walkers the boardwalk; doggies/cyclists the path

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Map: GASP! Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park, Tasmania…

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