Do you follow Think Tasmania because you’re contemplating a sea-change, tree-change or climate-change to Australia’s southern island state? Many people do. One such reader asked the question… “what do you know about Geeveston Tasmania?”

Geeveston Tasmania - Parks

Geeveston: pretty Tasmanian town

Just A Few Things: Geeveston Tasmania

Our first ever home in Tasmania was made in Geeveston, albeit temporarily, when we arrived here to house-sit. We were travelling around Australia, and Tassie was our first port of call. We loved the state so much, we abandoned the trip, packed up our belongings and moved here to live permanently.

It’s probably needless to say then, but we’ll always have a soft spot for the small Tasmanian township of Geeveston. To the reader who asked, we’ve divulged our personal thoughts about living in the Huon Valley, and we’re sharing just some of those thoughts here too.

1. World’s Best Sushi

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can buy “the world’s best sushi” in Geeveston Tasmania. That’s a big claim, but one we’ve heard repeated quite regularly. We can’t judge the rest of the world’s sushi, but the delicacies made in the Huon Valley by master sushi-chef Masaaki Koyama are pretty good. Very damn good in fact. Worth the 60km drive from Hobart just for lunch, we’d say (but phone ahead to confirm opening hours, just in case surf’s up!). The tiny restaurant is barely big enough to walk in and back out, but if a table eludes you, just order take-away sushi and dine in the beautiful Heritage Park nearby.

Geeveston Tasmania - Sushi

World’s best sushi: Geeveston Tasmania

Geeveston Tasmania - Masaaki's Sushi

Masaaki’s Sushi: via Church Street, Geeveston

2. Diverse Range of Casual Eateries

If sushi is not your style, there’s a range of other casual eateries in Geeveston. There’s a surprising number of cafes, bakeries and roadhouses actually, for the size of the town. Suffice to say there’s no shortage of places to buy food and drink. There’s also a small IGA grocery store should you wish to picnic by the Kermandie River or grab supplies for your travels.

Geeveston Tasmania - Cafe

Dining options: Geeveston Tasmania

Geeveston Tasmania - Bakery

Town bakery: Geeveston Tasmania

3. Makers and Quirky Shops

Newcomers may also find surprising the amount of local artisans and crafters located in Geeveston, Tasmania’s so-called “Forest Town”. Church Street is the main drag, the natural detour or sojourn from the southern-heading Huon Highway. But don’t be fooled… there’s more to the town than just the one compact strip of shops.

Geeveston Tasmania - Makers

Geeveston: community of creative makers

Geeveston Tasmania - Wall of Lollies

Church Street, Geeveston: Wall of Lollies

4. Forestry Heritage

More expected probably, Geeveston has a strong forestry heritage. We love the town’s wood carvings depicting important historical figures. They’re each accompanied by a story detailing their local fame, and the characters make sturdy and reliable photographic subjects.

The Forest and Heritage Centre in Church Street acts as the gateway to the Tahune AirWalk, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Huon Valley, and possibly the whole of Tasmania.

Geeveston Tasmania - Wood Carvings

Wood-carved figures: Geeveston heritage

Geeveston Tasmania - Kiss for Luck

Kiss for good luck: Geeveston

5. Location, Location, Location

Besides all the features to discover in the town itself, Geeveston provides a central base for exploring the many and varied attractions of far south Tasmania. Not only the promoted gateway to the Tahune AirWalk, Geeveston is also known as the gateway to the World Heritage-listed southwest wilderness and Hartz Mountains National Park. It’s also a convenient springboard for…

Given our confessed bias for the town, you may not be surprised to learn we have yet more in-depth stories planned to publish about Geeveston Tasmania. Watch this space!

Geeveston Tasmania - Heritage Park

Heritage Park: Geeveston Tasmania

Geeveston Tasmania - Huon Valley

Geeveston Tasmania: explore the Huon Valley

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