We’d probably call Geeveston a bloke’s town. Not renowned as a classical beauty in Tasmania, it’s all about forestry, outdoor ruggedness and wood. Or at least, it was once.

Geeveston Tasmania: Log Truck

Geeveston log truck: fully loaded

Geeveston: Huon Valley Southern Forests

Part of the Huon Valley region in south east Tasmania, if you want dainty and pretty, The Gateway to the Southern Forests might not be right for you. But if you own some sturdy boots and a warmish jacket, and you’re keen to hunt for a platypus in the town’s creek, pencil this town into the Tasmanian trip.

Geeveston Tasmania: wood sculptures at the bakery

Geeveston Tasmania: wood sculptures at the bakery

Forestry Tasmania Festival

Geeveston once hosted the Forestry Tasmania Festival to celebrate the local industry. We took many of these photos at the festival, but sadly the event was cancelled not long after. Maybe it will be reinstated one day?

Geeveston Trucks: Forestry Festival

Geeveston Tasmania: Forestry Festival display

Huge logs of wood: Geeveston Tasmania

Huge logs of wood: Geeveston Tasmania

More to Geeveston

Forestry Tasmania used to claim the bulk of attention in Geeveston. But some clever locals started to promote their town as an arts epicentre, with several creators making a business from their talents. Craftspeople came together to exhibit unique and clever works at galleries such as the Southern Design Centre.

Made in Geeveston Tasmania: Fish Sculpture

Clever wood sculptures: Geeveston

Geeveston is becoming a Tasmanian tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy a robust art and design sector, the fascinating Forest and Heritage Centre and the nearby  Tahune AirWalk.

Huon Pine Log, Geeveston Tasmania

Huon Pine: Tasmania

There are also many active outdoor pursuits in the area: bush-walking in the Tahune Forest Reserve or nearby Hartz Mountains National Park and the region has a sound commercial and recreational fishing industry. And of course buying fresh apples, berries and other produce from roadside stalls will always appeal.

Elegant Lady wood sculpture, Geeveston Tasmania

Elegant lady wood carving: Geeveston Tasmania

While in Geeveston be sure to inspect the fantastic wood carvings in the main street.


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