I’m excited. This year, I will spend Father’s Day with my own special Dad. In his honour, I thought I’d share a few gift ideas. These are presents I could give, and know they’d be appreciated. But probably like most Dads, I could give him anything and he’d be happy!

Gift Ideas - Herbaceous Tours

Herbaceous Tours, Tasmania

Gift Ideas For My Dad

There’s so many wonderful options I could include here, but I try to keep my articles brief and to the point. I do… usually… attempt to, anyway! As always in a situation with such a plethora of choice, I’m inspired by Think Tasmania members. From personal experience, I just know (with 100% confidence) they offer our readers great service and great products.

Herbaceous Tours

My Dad is officially retired now, but he’s still a farmer at heart. That’s why I think a trip with Herbaceous Tours would suit him perfectly. He could meet like-minded primary producers in person, and learn how things grow in Tasmania. The livestock and unique crops would be of particular interest, and of course he’d enjoy sampling the wares.

Herbaceous - Farm Tour

Join Sally from Herbaceous Tours

Blue Penguin Wines

My Dad is not a big drinker… far from it, actually. He likes an occasional beer, and sometimes enjoys a glass of wine with dinner. That’s why I’m including a bottle or two of boutique Tasmanian wine from Blue Penguin Wines in this collection of gift ideas for Father’s Day. It would be sensational if we could visit winemakers Alan and Marji Irish in Penguin… but if not, we can catch up one day at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart.

Gift Ideas - Blue Penguin Wines

Gift ideas: Blue Penguin Wines (photo supplied)


My Dad has a sweet tooth. I know this because I inherited the trait in spades, and I’ve always given him credit for my candy cravings. An avid and passionate sports fan, Dad combined very well with Mum to coach junior netball teams when my sister and I played. Our secret weapon was the half-time lolly-jar! A list of gift ideas for Father’s Day would not be complete without a mention of Sweet-As delectable, handmade Tasmanian rock candy.

Gift Ideas - Sweet-As

Sweet-As Rock Candy: Father’s Day

Tasmania Photos

My Dad is known as the “go-to man” with the camera at family functions. He can be relied upon to capture the entire group at special occasions, without cutting off anyone’s head or feet. That’s why I think he’d appreciate the work of professional tourism photographer, Dan Fellow. A collection of digital jigsaw puzzles from Tasmania Photos would be an ideal Father’s Day gift. It also proves we’re not all about the food and drink in my family!

Gift Ideas - Tasmania Photos Digital Puzzles

Digital puzzles (photo by Dan Fellow)

The Old Woolstore

My Dad likes a good buffet. With family gathered around the table for a meal, you have the makings of the perfect Father’s Day. I’m thinking we should start the day (which falls on Sunday September 7 this year) with a buffet breakfast at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel in Hobart. There’s the connection to farming here as well, which brings us full circle in this article. So that’s enough Father’s Day gift ideas this time around.

Gift Ideas - The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel in Hobart

Buffet breakfast: The Old Woolstore (photo supplied)

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