Last Friday evening I had the absolute pleasure of joining a gnocchi cooking class at Moto Vecchia in Bellerive. It was the best fun I’ve had in ages.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Italian Feast

Italian feast: so much DELICIOUS food

Italian Feast: Gnocchi Cooking Class

Knowing my cooking skills are seriously lacking, I was a little apprehensive when I arrived at the Moto Vecchia cafe. But from the very first moment, I was made to feel extremely welcome and part of the culinary team.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Tomato Pasta Sauce

Tomato sauce simmering

During the cooking lesson, we were taught to make meatballs, tomato sauce and the actual gnocchi, of course! It was hands-on… literally. Squishing the meat and rolling the dough was a great way to learn. We were also given heaps of handy hints and tips about preparing and storing herbs and vegetables.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Meatballs

Italian meatballs: secret ingredients

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Cooked Potatoes

Hot potato, hot potato

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Ricing Potatoes

Warm potato through the ricer

Bellerive: Pasta with a Twist

The gnocchi cooking class is one of many Italian-themed sessions held at the cafe, where the kitchen and dining room morph into classroom for the evening.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Classroom

Cooking school, dining room: Moto Vecchia

The collection of vintage motorcycles and memorabilia in the cafe make the space unique; an interesting place to dine. And dine we did!

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Moto Vecchia

Moto Vecchia: motorcycle cafe, Bellerive Tasmania

At the end of the lesson, we were treated to an absolute feast. It was a full-on Italian dinner, with wine thrown in for good measure. We ate what we’d prepared, and when our stomachs were filled to the very top, we filled take-away containers with more food to take home. My kids shared the bounty for lunch the next day and were totally impressed with my efforts.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Pasta

Expertly rolled gnocchi

At the conclusion of the gnocchi cooking class, we enjoyed fabulous coffee and hot chocolate with a relaxed chat. It really was a fun night, lasting a couple of hours, and would be a great way to celebrate a special occasion with friends. Otherwise individuals can just join a group and meet new, like-minded people… just like I did.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Rolling Pasta

Roll pasta: gnocchi cooking class

Natalie Cucina is a wonderful teacher, generously sharing her skills and secret Italian family recipes. Her daughter Melissa, also part of the Moto Vecchia business, is equally lovely. It’s little wonder their cafe and associated coffee vans and other ventures are doing so well.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Natalie Cucina, Moto Vecchia

Natalie Cucina: Moto Vecchia (photo supplied)

The Motorcycle Cafe: Moto Vecchia

Moto Vecchia is located at 35 Gordons Hill Road, Bellerive (behind Eastlands Shopping Centre). Phone (03) 6244 3434 for details of the next gnocchi cooking class or follow Moto Vecchia – Cafe on Facebook.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Meatballs in tomato pasta sauce

The writer was a guest of Moto Vecchia at the gnocchi cooking class. Those following Think Tasmania on social media may have also noticed a competition sponsored by Moto Vecchia.

Gnocchi Cooking Class - Dinner

The end result… we made this!

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