Quick note: Kart Magic in Latrobe is sporting new go karts. I think they were imported from France or somewhere. They’re high-tech and VERY expensive go karts anyway, even if my grasp of the details is slightly sketchy. Oops!

Go Karts - Latrobe Tasmania

Go karts: Kart Magic, Latrobe Tasmania

Kart Magic: Latrobe Go Karts

Think Tasmania’s test drivers judged the upgraded go karts “pretty impressive”. The track has had a bit of an upgrade since our last visit, and the management is new… or a former version revisited, at least. Still a great deal of fun for petrolheads. The go karts always have the competitive types coming back for a second round of adrenaline-fuelled racing.

Go Karts - Kart Magic, Tasmania

Upgraded track: Kart Magic Entertainment, Latrobe

You too can drive the new go karts when you visit Kart Magic at 10-12 Speedway Drive in Tasmania’s north west town of Latrobe. Phone (03) 6426 2455 for details or follow Kart Magic on Facebook.

Kart Magic - Latrobe Tasmania

Kart Magic Entertainment Centre: Latrobe Tasmania

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Map: Kart Magic, Latrobe Tasmania

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