Golden Junk. Love the business name! Bellerive has quite a few new restaurants, making the eastern shore a reliable place to dine in Hobart. Of course you can’t forget the old faithfuls either; the places that’ve been around for years and still bang out good food and service. When our house is finally free of teenagers (they are SO expensive to feed) we plan to eat out every night for a month, to celebrate our freedom. Golden Junk will definitely be one Chinese restaurant on the list.

Golden Junk - Restaurant in Bellerive Tasmania

Chinese Restaurant: Bellerive Tasmania

Golden Junk - Chinese Restaurant

Delicious food: Golden Junk Chinese Restaurant

Golden Junk - Chicken and Fried Rice

Golden Junk: chicken with fried rice

Golden Junk - Chinese Seafood

Seafood: Golden Junk

Golden Junk Chinese Restaurant: Bellerive

You’ll find Golden Junk Restaurant at 9 Cambridge Road in Bellerive, opposite Belles Bellerive. Phone (03) 6244 4116 for details or follow Golden Junk on Facebook.

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