Travelling around Tasmania I have met so many people enjoying life; doing the things that they enjoy best. If you’ve walked through Salamanca Market on a Saturday, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Gourmet Farmer - SBS TV Series

Gourmet Farmer SBS Series DVD, Salamanca Market Hobart

Matthew Evans: the Gourmet Farmer

by Roger Findlay

Matthew Evans was the editor and restaurant reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald food supplement before starting a new life in Cygnet, Tasmania. He was escaping the rat-race of city life and the pressure of the job. By reporting the truth on a few upmarket restaurants it got to the stage where his life had to contend with an element of animosity and threat. His book, Never Order Chicken on a Monday, is intriguing stuff and tells the full story.

Gourmet Farmer on SBS

On Thursday, August 25 at 7.30pm, SBS will be screening the first episode in the second series of Gourmet Farmer. I do know that Evans and associates did some filming on Flinders Island as well as mainland regions of Tasmania.

Nick Haddow and Ross O’Meara share and live the same dream as Evans. Nick is the owner of the Bruny Island Cheese Company and Ross O’Meara is an artisan butcher who makes the most wonderful pork pies.

A Common Ground

Until quite recently, the trio and their wares could be found running a stall at Salamanca Market, but they have now moved to a small shop called A Common Ground at the bottom end of Salamanca.

Farmers Markets & Artisan Producers

On our last visit to Hobart in July of this year, Matthew Evans had a stall at the Hobart Farmers Market and my wife, Jeanette, purchased his latest cookbook: Winter on the Farm.

Gourmet Farmer - Matthew Evans & Jeanette Findlay

Jeanette Findlay meets Matthew Evans: Gourmet Farmer, Hobart

I can’t wait to see the next Gourmet Farmer series; or to visit Tasmania again, where the produce is so fresh. We should all support the likes of Matthew Evans and the other growers at farmers markets. They are the ones preserving the values of what food used to be like.

Gourmet Farmer - A Common Ground Artisan Producers

Pork sausages: sold at A Common Ground, Salamanca Hobart

Editor’s Note: A Common Ground is also the name given to a collaboration between the Gourmet Farmer (Matthew Evans), Ross O’Meara, Nick Haddow and other Tasmanian artisan producers. With the dynamic trio at the helm, farmers, fishermen, winemakers and brewers present their gourmet produce at functions held in unique locations.

So far one event has been hosted in a stone barn in Stanley. Another in a paddock on Flinders Island. Apparently, Mount Wellington makes the perfect location for a winter feast of fondue and mulled wine. Go figure!

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