Some places take our fancy more than others. That’s okay isn’t it? Grandvewe Cheeses is one of those places for Think Tasmania. When planning this article, the final in the Herbaceous Tours series we’ve been writing, it was time to pinpoint why Grandvewe appeals so much.

Grandvewe - Birchs Bay

Grandvewe: Birchs Bay, Tasmania (photo suppilied)

Grandvewe Cheeses: Gourmet Delights

Grandvewe was one of the first places we chose to visit as a tourist, during our Geeveston house-sitting introduction to Tasmania (about five years back). One of our kids has food intolerance issues, with cow’s milk on the no-go list. We were excited to find cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream they could actually eat. A big smile on your child’s face… what could be better? No wonder we have fond memories of this gourmet experience in Birchs Bay. We moved here permanently after enjoying truly amazing local gems, including this one, and we’re particularly glad we did.

Grandvewe - Cheeses

Think Tasmania favourite: Grandvewe Primavera

Sally from Herbaceous Tours introduced us to Ryan Hartshorn, director and co-owner of the family farming business. He’s very passionate about the cheeses they produce, but he also has a sense of humour. He’s fun… and that’s another thing to like about Grandvewe. A trip to the bathroom will give you a giggle; and anyone who loves a good play on words will appreciate the clever use of “ewe” scattered through promotional material.

So we’ve established that Grandvewe is owned by happy and friendly local people, who make really good products. So good in fact, they were voted one of top six fine food producers in Australia. Their Saffire Blue, which is just one of the cheeses customers can taste at the Birchs Bay dairy, won the prestigious Champion Cheese of the Royal Sydney Show.

Grandvewe - Cheese Tasting

Tastings: award-winning sheep cheese, Grandvewe

Sheep Cheeses Made in Tasmania

Grandvewe is the only producer of sheep’s milk cheese in Tasmania and the only certified organic sheep dairy in Australia. So they’ve captured a niche market in Tasmania… we like that too. A chat with Ryan about the Vanilla Whey Liqueur and the gourmet Pinot Paste revealed the company’s desire to make use of byproducts created during the cheese-making process. Good sustainable practices in place, then. What’s not to like about that?

If you’re looking for a place to sample some fine wine and cheese, the balcony at Grandvewe offers superb views over the D’Entrecasteaux Channel region. And you’d be aware that a good view is very high on our agenda when it comes to choosing a place to eat and drink in Tasmania. With so many goodies and so much great Tasmanian produce, a prime location is a factor for sure.

Here at the dairy in Birchs Bay, there’s a flexible menu so customers can create their own platter. It’s a bit tempting to just have one of everything!

Grandvewe - Cheeses on a Platter

Grandvewe selection of cheeses

Grandvewe - Sheep Cheeses

Grandvewe Cheeses, Tasmania (photos suppilied)

This may be sad to admit (the writer is a farmer’s daughter, remember) but the baby lambs are another highlight of Grandvewe. You would not believe how many photos we now have! A tour through Sheep Hilton is a must for animal-lovers, and kids especially will be smitten by the babies and their woolly, multi-colours coats.

Grandvewe - Sheep Hilton

Grandvewe Cheeses Sheep Hilton

Grandvewe - Baby Lambs

Baby lamb: Sheep Hilton, Grandvewe Cheeses

Wine and Cheese, Medieval Style

Coming soon to Grandvewe Cheeses is a Medieval Cheese Romp and Grape Stomp. Ryan tells us it’s a magical time of year to celebrate the grape harvest, where visitors are allowed to stomp their own grapes… with their bare feet. He manages to sneak in the work EWEnique: “dine with our sheep in our shed while enjoying traditional medieval lamb on the spit and served by the Grandvewe Ladies, Lords and wenches!” Run lambies, run!

Be at Grandvewe on Saturday 11 May for that one; a $45 banquet (per person) includes entree, main and dessert.

Grandvewe - Sheep

Star attraction: Grandvewe Cheeses sheep (photo suppilied)

Additional photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Ryan Hartshorn (Director) Grandvewe Cheeses.

For more information visit the Grandvewe website, or phone 6267 4099. You can also follow Grandvewe Cheeses on Facebook. Phone Sally at Herbaceous Tours 0416 970 699 to book a gourmet food tour for your own day out. You can also follow Herbaceous Tours on Facebook.

Map: Grandvewe Cheeses, Birchs Bay Tasmania…

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