Carol Haberle’s dear friend, photography mentor and business partner, Greg Hale sent Think Tasmania this note…

Hi Tania

I was reminiscing the other day when looking through Carol’s catalogue of photos and I came across this one. I think it’s is one of the best images taken by Carol. Her ability to capture landscapes in the best possible light is a hallmark of her photographic skills. The composition of this image is excellent.

The photograph was taken somewhere near where the Arthur River enters the ocean on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Carol took this photo 5 June 2010 at 3:50pm.

If you would like to feature one of Carol’s best photos once a month it would be an honour to select such an image.

Regards, Greg Hale

Greg Hale - Arthur River Tasmania

Greg Hale: north west Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Greg Hale: Thank You

Of course we would be delighted to feature one of Carol Haberle’s outstanding images each month in the same vein. We’ve already told Greg as much, and he will be seeking out another exemplary photo for the next addition. We wish him good luck when choosing just one at a time to share!

Maybe Greg noticed our recent Purple collection of images by Carol, and feels he can help with our lack of decision-making skills. Yes, he can! Or maybe he noticed the River Bend collection, and realised this photo would’ve been a good addition to that article. Yes, it would have!

We think this photo of the north-west coastline is impressive enough to stand alone though, and we’ll look forward to the development of this new series by its generous curator, Greg Hale. No doubt Carol’s legions of fans will appreciate more of her stellar landscape photography.

Map: Arthur River, Tasmania…

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