The Groovy Penguin is a cafe in Tasmania. As it happens, the name is very apt. It’s located in the north west coastal township of Penguin. And it’s groovy!

Groovy Penguin - Tasmania

Groovy Penguin

Getting Groovy: Penguin Tasmania

For such a small town, there are several good-looking places to eat. On the opposite side of the road, there’s a bakery and what looks like a more upmarket cafe called Wild. Neither were open on the day (or maybe just the time) of our visit, so our choice was made easier.

Groovy Penguin - Cafe

Groovy Penguin: Tasmania

The Groovy Penguin, which is close to the Tourist Information Centre, was open for business. Its fetching colour scheme of purple, red and green offered a cheery welcome on an otherwise dull day.

Groovy Penguin - Outdoor Tables

Sit outside and gaze at Bass Strait

Good Food: Great Coffee

To be honest, the food was actually a surprise… but a good one! We expected a menu of hamburgers or fish and chips. But it was much more cafe fare than take-away, and the coffee was exemplary. Another highlight was the tomato chutney, made in-house by the chef. I’m very fussy when it comes to relish and chutney, but this version was almost as good as the one my mum makes with home-grown tomatoes and onions. Delicious!

Groovy Penguin - BLT & Hot Chocolate

Lunch: Groovy Penguin

Decor: Groovy, Retro, Quirky

The decor is a little bit retro, crossed with a little bit kitsch. I’m not sure if that makes it groovy, or just plain quirky; but it’s definitely unique. And for added nostalgia… when I was a kid we had a red and white table in our kitchen, exactly the same. That’s where we ate our BLT and pancakes at the Groovy Penguin.

Groovy Penguin - Coffee Shop

Groovy Penguin

Big Penguin Statue

The photo below shows the view through the cafe’s windows, from one Groovy Penguin to another! The waters of Bass Strait weren’t quite as brilliant blue and sparkling as we’ve seen in the past, but it was still a very pleasant place to brunch.

Groovy Penguin - Bass Strait View

Bass Strait from Groovy Penguin Cafe

Map: Groovy Penguin Tasmania…

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