On a family trip to Burnie, we went to Guide Falls Reserve after spending some time at the nearby Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden. Poor Gavin slipped and fell into the water. So a word of warning: be careful on the rocks… he smashed his phone and almost lost his car keys! Apart from a few bruises and a dented ego though, he was basically okay, albeit completely drenched.

Guide Falls Reserve - Waterfall

Feature, Guide Falls Reserve: waterfall

Guide Falls Reserve: Fun for (Almost) Everyone!

When the kids saw a dripping Gavin emerge over the rocks, they couldn’t resist the temptation of the waterfall. We hadn’t taken any bathers with us to Guide Falls Reserve, but that didn’t stop them. In the blink of an eye, they stripped down to their undies and jumped in. The water was icy cold (even in February) and it took their breath away.

To this day it’s recalled as one of the best times they’ve ever had in Tasmania. Gavin still can’t see the funny side of it though. The kids made me pinky swear not to publish full-frontal images of them in their undies at the waterfall. They weren’t that shy jumping off the rocks! This photo shows Gavin looking a little sheepish with his broken mobile!

Guide Falls Reserve - Gavin, Think Tasmania

Gavin and his smashed mobile phone: Guide Falls

We drove to the top carpark at Guide Falls Reserve, and then all walked down the very steep steps to the water hole. After an hour or so of swimming, Gavin walked back up the steps to retrieve the car and test his water-logged keys. The kids and I took the easy walk down the track to the lower car park, where we were collected by our chauffeur. No wonder we liked that day so much more than Gavin!

Guide Falls Reserve - Walks

Top car park: Guide Falls Reserve

Carol’s recent article about Guide Falls Reserve brought back all these great memories from our experience. She is so right when she says a trip to Guide Falls is a must. Thanks for helping us remember a great family time Carol, and for continuing to share all your wonderful, informative material and stellar photos with Think Tasmania readers. So many people love your style.

Guide Falls Reserve - Swimming Hole

Swimming: waterfall, Guide Falls Reserve

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