We’ve told you about Flathead Cafe in South Hobart before. We went there again for dinner last night, but as we’ve already shared our thoughts, we won’t rehash the same stuff again. We still like the place. We just wanted to tell you – very quickly – about the amazing gumbo we had.

Gumbo - Flathead Cafe

Mixed seafood gumbo: Flathead Cafe

Flathead Cafe: Mixed Seafood Gumbo

Actually, we chose a photo of the gumbo to share via Instagram. It just looked so good. Then we remembered… many of our readers don’t like social media, so we thought it best to pop the photo over here on the website too!

The gumbo (with chorizo sausage) was served with steamed rice and pickled okra. It had prawns, and mussels and lots of other goodies and tasted perfectly delicious.

Gumbo - Mixed Seafood

Mixed seafood gumbo with steamed rice

If you’ve tried the gumbo from Flathead Cafe – or you know of a different version – please let us know. We might have a new craving!

Flathead Cafe is located at 4 Cascade Road in South Hobart, not far from the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site. Phone (03) 6224 3194 for details or follow Flathead Cafe on Facebook.

Flathead Cafe - Fish n Chips

Battered fish with chips: Flathead Cafe

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