There’s a hidden gem below the scenic valley of Gunns Plains, that’s been attracting visitors for many years. It’s the Gunns Plains Caves and it was one of the earliest cave reserves in Tasmania being proclaimed a state reserve in 1918. You’ll find these magical caves 25km south of Ulverstone in Tasmania’s beautiful north west.

Gunns Plains Caves - North West Tasmania

Discover the magic: Gunns Plains Caves

Cave Tour: Glowing Endorsement

by Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Gunns Plains Caves are renowned for their outstanding cave formations including calcite shawls and flowstones. You can also see a lovely display of glow-worms. An underground river that still flows formed these limestone caves and it’s a nice accompanying sound as you ramble along the walkways. You may even catch a glimpse of Tasmanian wildlife: a giant freshwater crayfish, eel or even a platypus.

Gunns Plains Caves - Limestone

Limestone caves, underground river, glow worms

Gunns Plains Caves - Discover the Magic

Gunns Plains Caves, north west Tasmania

Arriving at the caves reserve you will find a picnic area with barbeque facilities, tables and car parking area. It’s a short 30-metre walk down into the cave entrance, where you will be greeted at the office by the delightful Trish and Geoff who run the caves. These guys sure know how to give an informative, memorable and fun cave tour!

At the start of the tour there are 54 concrete steps to descend to get down onto the floor of the caves. From then on there are a series of very well-maintained, well-lit walkways with railings. The walkways crisscross through the caves and include a ten-rung, ladder-style set of steps. Wearing comfortable shoes is highly recommended; and the caves are always a pleasant 11 degrees Celsius.

Gunns Plains Caves - Walkways

Well-maintained walkways: Gunns Plains Caves

Striking Gold and Silver!

The formations in this cave are breathtaking. They include one of the world’s largest ribbon stalactites, an amazing multi-tiered formation of silver-speckled calcite crystals, known as the Wedding Cake. There’s also a beautiful flowstone nicknamed the Golden Fleece.

Gunns Plains Caves - Wedding Cake Formation

The Wedding Cake,Gunns Plains Caves

You will discover the names of other interesting formations while on the cave tour. This is the second time I’ve been on this tour, but I was again bowled over by the exquisiteness of this amazing underground fairyland. My photos really don’t portray the brilliant beauty of these caves… you just have to visit in person to discover the magic for yourself.

Gunns Plains Caves - Photography

Gunns Plains Caves: discover the magic

Gunns Plains Caves - Underground Gem

Discover the magic: cave tour

Gunns Plains Caves are open seven days a week (closed Christmas Day). You can contact Trish and Geoff Deer on (03) 6429 1388 or email Gunns Plains Caves to confirm tour times.

Gunns Plains Caves - North West Coast

Visit Geoff and Trish, north west of Tasmania

Gunns Plains Caves tour times are generally…

10.00am ~ 11.00am ~ 12.00pm ~ 1.30pm ~ 2.30pm ~ 3.30pm

Cave tour times may be at visitor capacity due to cruise ship passengers from Burnie, so a prior booking would be advisable.

Gunns Plains Caves - Ancient Formations

Ancient formations hidden underground

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