This is a photo depicting Gunns Plains in August (taken 18 August 2013). It appears there had been heavy rainfall in the area before the photo was taken by Carol Haberle ~ Greg Hale

Gunns Plains in August - Tasmania

Gunns Plains in August (photo by Carol Haberle)

Gunns Plains in August and Beyond

Here’s links to a few articles about Gunns Plains (not necessarily in August) for readers who’d like more information about the area. Much of the information was submitted by Gunns Plains local Michelle Kneipp Pegler, the owner of former business Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours.

Michelle has recently closed her business with a view to travelling more herself; but still has a great love of all things Tasmanian. We wish her and husband John all the best for the future.

Rainbow Photos

Rainbow Photos - Gunns Plains

Gunns Plains (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

More Rainbows!

More Rainbows - Gunns Plains

Gunns Plains (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Preston Falls

Preston Falls - Gunns Plains

Preston Falls: Gunns Plains in August

Penguin and Ulverstone… and Gunns Plains too!

Penguin and Ulverstone - Gunns Plains

Gunns Plains via Penguin and Ulverstone

Spud Cake Recipe

Spud Cake - Gunns Plains Potato

Gunns Plains Potato Festival (by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Gunns Plains Caves

Gunns Plains Caves - Wedding Cake Formation

Gunns Plains Caves (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Gunns Plains Potato Festival

Gunns Plains Potato Festival - David Foster

David Foster: Gunns Plains (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Gunns Plains: the Valley and the Leven River

Gunns Plains - Lookout over the Valley

Gunns Plains, Tasmania (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Greg Hale is curating this series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re honoured to continue sharing her great work with readers.

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