Products handmade in Tasmania are in big demand. With markets a big attraction for Tasmanian tourists, here’s a tiny sample.

Handmade in Tasmania - Rag Dolls made with Love

Handmade in Tasmania: rag dolls

Handmade in Tasmania: Lucy’s Lovely Ladies

Custom-made dolls… handmade with love by someone with a passion for pretty, sparkly things. Lucy has four main men in her life: a husband and three sons. She loves them dearly, of course. But she also loves all things pink and strongly believes you can’t have too much glitter in your life. The custom-made dolls are her way of sharing that philosophy and bringing some magic to the lives of others.

Lucy’s Lovely Ladies and Karate

Besides her roles as wife, mother and The Fairy Lady, Lucy’s other passion is karate. She recently channeled her inner-Ninja, awarded a brown belt. So there’s no messing with this woman, even if she is pretty in pink. Now combining two loves, Lucy can also make a special grading doll with a coloured belt for the karate kid in your life. What a great gift: uniquely handmade in Tasmania.

Custom-Made Dolls

Customising the dolls means Lucy can add a personal touch to a gift or memento. Or if you just want something pretty: leave all the hard decisions to Lucy and be delighted by her creative talents.

Lucy's Lovely Ladies - Dolls Handmade in Tasmania

Lucy’s Lovely Ladies: handmade in Tasmania

Handmade in Tasmania: South Arm Market

Lucy can be found selling her lovely ladies at the South Arm market. The market is usually held on the first Sunday of each month at the RSL/golf clubhouse on South Arm Road.

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