Recently we mentioned our visit to Hartview Vineyard with Sally from Herbaceous Tours. Michelle also mentioned meeting Rob and Anthea Patterson from Hartziew Vineyard in the Gourmet Pantry section at the Tasmanian Craft Fair last year. She was impressed with their array of fruit liqueurs, and I must say, after a session with cellar door manager Carol, I’m a bit taken with them myself!

Hartzview Vineyard - Gardners Bay, Tasmania

Hartzview Vineyard: Gardners Bay, Tasmania

Hartzview Vineyard: Tasting Wine

I’ve actually been to Hartzview Vineyard on one other occasion too, for a family lunch on a Sunday. It was a sunny Tasmanian autumn day, and without any real plans we headed off for a drive in the country… as we do! Via Huonville we arrived in Cygnet, and as we cut back towards Woodbridge we noticed a sign for Hartzview Vineyard. We weren’t really interested in wine-tasting… you can imagine the kids’ reaction to that idea! They’re always up for eating though, so we made our way to the cafe overlooking the vines and the distant Hartz Mountains National Park.

Hartzview Vineyard - Cafe

All-weather cafe: casual lunch with wine-tasting

There’s quite a good selection of light lunches on the cafe menu, even though they don’t have a dedicated kitchen at Hartzview Vineyard. The staff are great at multi-tasking and ready the food in the wine-tasting area. The platter with sliced meats, salmon, dips, salad, breads and crackers is the most popular dish, and can also be ordered with accompanying cheese. And wine, naturally!

Hartzview Vineyard - Platter

Cold cuts and dips with fresh bread and crackers

Owners Rob and Anthea Patterson and their team are always quality-testing the food offered to customers at Hartzview Vineyard. They have a lovely cafe with a nice view and a great range of wines, ports and liqueurs, so they’re keen to keep the food up to that high standard. The dessert selection alone, utilising the fruit liqueurs is enough to have customers returning time and again.

Hartzview Vineyard - Pumpkin Risotto

Hartzview Vineyard: pumpkin risotto

Heritage Pickers Huts

Hartzview Vineyard is a family-owned business, and one of their projects over the years has been to rescue and restore a collection of heritage pickers huts. The Huon Valley region was once dominated by apple orchards, and the tiny wooden sheds were dotted around the valley and used to house the workers. And when we say “tiny wooden sheds”, that’s exactly what we mean. You really can’t comprehend how basic and cramped the conditions must have been until you see the huts yourself.

But at Hartzview Vineyard, that’s exactly what visitors can now do; take a step back in time and follow a self-guided walk around the village. By taking a peek inside, you learn how things used to be for the workers. Italian Prisoners of War also called the heritage pickers huts their home at one time. The attraction is free of charge.

Hartzview Vineyard - Heritage Huts

Heritage pickers huts: Hartzview Vineyard

Now I can only imagine that a fully self-contained bed and breakfast stay in the homestead (with a spa bath!) would be a far cry from the basic accommodation of the heritage pickers huts. But for guests looking to explore the Huon Valley and D’Entrecasteaux Channel regions of the Huon Trail, including Bruny Island, Hartzview Vineyard is located slap bang in the middle, just a 45 minute drive south of Hobart. The scenery is spectacular in every direction.

Hartzview Vineyard - Pickers Huts

Free, self-guided tour: heritage pickers huts

Hartzview Vineyard - Vines and Mountain Views

Hartzview Vineyards: distant mountains

Tasmanian Spiced Apple Liqueur Mead

Besides their own liqueurs, the gift shop and providore at Hartzview Vineyard stocks a range of products: the Art of Tea, cheeses, chocolates and other souvenir items including books, jewellery and dolls. If you’re like me, you’ll seriously consider taking home a different flavour of fruit liqueur in a pretty bottle every time. And given they also have a stand at the Salamanca Market in Hobart on Saturdays, “every time” could be quite often!

Hartzview Vineyard - Apple Mead

Tasmanian Spiced Apple Mead: Hartzview Vineyard

During the day with Herbaceous Tours, Carol gave us a running commentary during the tasting session about how to serve each liqueur. Of course, I promptly forgot the details for the delectable desserts and drinks as soon as I left the building!

However, I’ve just discovered some of the recipes Carol reeled off are published on their website for all to see. I am definitely going to try the zinger cocktail using my apple and honey mead, and I have a bottle of the raspberry fortified wine ready for the raspberry chocolate stack. Yum… that is all.

For more information visit the Hartzview Vineyard website, or phone (03) 6295 1623. You can also follow Hartzview Vineyard on Facebook.

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