It’s almost the weekend, and we’re about to rush out the door and be busy little bees, as usual. But we just wanted to quickly mention Harvest and Cater at Boat Harbour Beach… for reasons that will become apparent to readers in the very near future.

Harvest and Cater - Breakfast

Breakfast: Harvest and Cater, Boat Harbour Beach

Breakfast on the Beach: Harvest and Cater

I know we tend to say this about every place in Tasmania, but Boat Harbour Beach is one of our “favourite places”. And to find a cafe like Harvest and Cater, a genuine beachfront cafe serving exceptional food and coffee? Well that’s just extra special.

Harvest and Cater - Surf Life Saving Club

Harvest and Cater: Surf Life Saving Club

The day of our (most recent) visit was gloomy and overcast, but quiet and tranquil is just our scene. And when our breakfast was served inside, our attention was totally on our plates anyway!

Harvest and Cater - Breakfast at Boat Harbour Beach

Breakfast: Harvest and Cater

Gloomy day or otherwise, families are well-catered for, with an enclosed playground just outside the cafe’s windows. So eat, drink and let your children be merry.

Harvest and Cater - Boat Harbour Beach

Boat Harbour Beach: north west Tasmania

Boat Harbour Beach: Surf Life Saving Club

We’ve included (below) a shot from a similar vantage point, taken during an earlier visit showing the vista on a lovely, sunny day. You can imagine dining outside at Harvest and Cater on the exquisite Boat Harbour Beach now, can’t you?

Tasmanian Travel - Boat Harbour Beach

North west Tasmania: Boat Harbour Beach

And we couldn’t resist including a couple of shots showcasing Boat Harbour Beach from Think Tasmania’s archives, taken by Carol Haberle.

Beaches - Boat Harbour, North West Tasmania

Boat Harbour Beach (photo by Carol Haberle)

Harvest and Cater is located on Port Road, right on the foreshore at Boat Harbour Beach. In practical terms for potential visitors, it’s the cafe section of the Boat Harbour Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Phone 0458 775 889 for details or follow Harvest and Cater on Facebook.

Beaches - Boat Harbour

Goofy’s Tub, Boat Harbour Beach (photo by Carol Haberle)

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