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Stayed at Hatchers Manor in Richmond. I’ve done so for many years and they are super people. I’ve sent you some of the images I’ve taken over the years. I hope you can create an interesting article. It was a real family effort to build the place… a work of love you might say. Great cafe (open to the public) and wedding venue too.

Hatchers Manor - Accommodation, Richmond Tasmania

Hatchers Manor in Richmond, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Hatchers Manor

If you guessed Dan Fellow, then give yourself a pat on the back, because you would be spot on! Dan takes great photos, and he loves to promote all the “super people” he meets around Tasmania… but he doesn’t have much to say. Well, in written form, anyway! As we’ve done in the past, we shared his images with Think Tasmania readers.

We posted one of Dan’s photos from Hatchers Manor on our Facebook page yesterday. From the comments, it’s quite clear that lots of people would recommend the family-friendly holiday accommodation in Richmond. And as it turns out, good friends of ours stayed there during their own Tasmanian tour, and were happy to share their thoughts and photos with us about the experience.

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by Helen & Gino Melino

We loved Hatchers Manor in Richmond. The Hatcher family designed and built the manor themselves. The ornate ceilings and cornices were all painstakingly handmade with plaster. The people there were very friendly and accommodating. They even gave us a look at the function/reception venue which is mainly used for weddings. They provide their beautiful cars (Bentleys?) too if needed. Our girls both said they would love to have their weddings there; it was a fairy-tale, lovely setting. The perfect place for a wedding!

Hatchers Manor - Family Holiday, Richmond Tasmania

Melino family: stayed at Hatchers Manor

We enjoyed the yummy food. The casual breakfast and dining room meant we didn’t want to eat out anywhere else. Hatchers Manor just has such a homey feel. Guests are encouraged to explore the farm and apricot orchard on site. You can pat the beautiful Clydesdale horses and go on a horse and cart ride around the farm (or Richmond). The ponies also come right up to your French doors that open onto the back paddock. The gardens out the front were very quaint and cottage like. The actual rooms were lovely with accommodation for parents downstairs and kids upstairs.

We really enjoyed our stay in the region… there’s lots of things to do in Richmond. The family have spent so much time and effort on Hatchers Manor and the continuing upkeep on a property so grand must be very labour-intense. We couldn’t believe what they’ve done themselves without any real previous experience. Mrs Hatcher is so FULL of energy! Her enthusiasm was catching. Thanks for allowing me to share some of our memories of a wonderful Tasmanian holiday.

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Map: Hatchers Manor, Richmond Tasmania

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