Last November, we wrote about a charity fundraising event for the MS Society dubbed Quilts in the Garden. At the time, we promised to visit Hawthorn Villa Stables one day and meet the hosts, Innes and Nicole Pearce. So when we ventured to Festivale recently, we arranged to stay with them in Carrick. Being so close to Launceston, it was a perfect location… and the property itself is just as perfect.

Hawthorn Villa - Welcome

Innes and Nicole Pearce: Hawthorn Villa

Hawthorn Villa Stables: Glorious Gardens

Hawthorn Villa is less than 20kms from Launceston and is very easy to find. Halfway between Hadspen and Westbury on the Meander Valley Highway is a turn-off clearly marked Bishopsbourne (also sign-posted as Church Street in Carrick). The T-junction is about 100 metres east of the historic property known as The Mill Inn. The entrance to Hawthorn Villa is almost directly opposite the Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery in Church Street.

Hawthorn Villa - Carrick

Hawthorn Villa Stables: Carrick, Tasmania

Once you’ve arrived at this self-contained accommodation property, set in beautiful country surrounds, you’ll never want to leave. As you may have already gathered, the grounds at Hawthorn Villa Stables are simply stunning. Innes has a background in landscaping, and Nicole is equally passionate about heritage and rare plants. Between them, they have manicured their two acres into a magnificent private park.

Some of the plants at Hawthorn Villa have been classified by the National Trust. A grove of magnificent sequoias and a huge Spanish Laurel tree are believed to have been planted in the 1870s. When Innes and Nicole Pearce found their beloved Carrick property in 2003, the trees inspired them to create the rest of the garden visitors enjoy today.

Hawthorn Villa - Gardens

Magnificent gardens: Hawthorn Villa

Hawthorn Villa - Grounds

Stunning gardens: Carrick, Tasmania

Hawthorn Villa - Flowers

Trees, rare plants and beautiful flowers

Will You Marry Me?

Such effort has been dedicated to the establishment of the gardens over the last 10 years, Hawthorn Villa now provides the perfect setting for a wedding. Professional photographers would feel blessed with so many angles to capture the happy couple and their guests. Innces and Nicole even helped one fiancé create his perfect proposal, and that happy couple will be celebrating their nuptials on site soon.

During our stay, we met some fellow travellers who were bound for local wedding. Apparently Tasmania offers the lot when it comes to planning a wedding, and the ladies agreed that Hawthorn Villa was a wonderfully romantic scene.

Readers shouldn’t be thinking that Hawthorn Villa is the sole domain of loved-up couples, though. Families are equally welcome at the property, and kids would love the range of animals found in the grounds. Chickens and ducks provide guests with eggs, while doves, rabbits and resident pademelons provide plenty of interest.

Hawthorn Villa - Animals

Variety of cute animals: Hawthorn Villa Stables

We ate our fresh eggs (thank you chickens!) with bacon, tomato and toast for breakfast on the lawns in front of our room. With four separate, self-contained stables, we thought Hawthorn Villa would also make the perfect place for a group to gather for a weekend. There’s no doubt this must be the most appropriate place to stay for footy fans coming to Launceston to watch the Tassie Hawks play!

There’s a bbq provided, and Innes and Nicole Pearce are so helpful, they ensure their guests have everything needed for a great stay.  It’s a very relaxing environment, with space to call your own and a communal area to meet for drinks in the evening.

Hawthorn Villa - Breakfast

Gardens: Hawthorn Villa Stables, Carrick Tasmania

Stayed Tuned: Hawthorn Villa and Carrick

Now it may seem strange to write this whole article about Hawthorn Villa Stables and not mention the actual accommodation. But never fear, we will be doing that soon. We just had too many photos and too much to say to squeeze it all into this one space. The sleeping quarters are just as impressive as the gardens, which is really saying something!

Hawthorn Villa - Stable Accommodation

Hawthorn Villa self-contained accommodation

Hawthorn Villa - Stables

View from Hawthorn Villa to the gardens

We’ve already talked about the Carrick Park Pacing Club, and we’re planning to share other things to do in Carrick. Yes… it’s a small town, but we can guarantee there’s plenty of things to do. Innes and Nicole have a great location for exploring the north of Tasmania in general, and we’ll be staying with them for more adventures (and articles of course!) in the future.

Hawthorn Villa is at 1 Church Street in Carrick in northern Tasmania. Email Innes and Nicole Pearce or phone (03) 6393 6150 for bookings. You can also follow Hawthorn Villa Stables on Facebook. We stayed at Hawthorn Villa Stables as guests for Think Tasmania.

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