Jo Cordell-Cooper from Active Solutions and Health Network sent Think Tasmania a message recently. She thought our readers might be interested to learn more about health and fitness options in Hobart. We agreed. It’s not a subject we’ve covered before, so we jumped at the chance to feature an expert in the field.

Health and Fitness - Jo Cordell-Cooper

Jo Cordell-Cooper (photo supplied)

Health and Fitness with Jo Cordell-Cooper

John and Tracey from Business East regularly forward our newsletter to their network of business owners, Jo Cordell-Cooper being one of them. She writes about health and fitness for the Local Government Association of Tasmania, as well as the Hobart Mums Network. She also has an extensive blog on her website detailing news from the industry.

As you’d probably already know, we only share first-hand knowledge of people, products and places in Tasmania. We thought it essential then, to meet Jo in her work environment. After a spirited online conversation, it was decided. Someone from Think Tasmania had to join one of the classes Jo leads in the health and fitness department. Oh dear God… that person was destined to be me! How do I get myself into these things?

Health and Fitness - Aqautics

Water-based health and fitness: Hobart (photos supplied)

Hobart Aquatic Centre

With great trepidation, I met Jo at the Hobart Aquatic Centre. I watched from a discreet distance as the personal trainer extraordinaire put a group of pregnant women through their antenatal paces in the shallow pool. And then it was my turn. I was actually wearing a vintage pair of bathers! With unspoken thoughts of running (while simultaneously kicking and screaming) back to the safety of the car-park, I allowed Jo to lead me through the basics of a deep-water aqua class, as she introduced my new best friend, the gymstick.

Health and Fitness - Hobart Aquatic Centre

Hobart Aquatic Centre, Queens Domain (photo supplied)

Obviously, health and fitness classes have not been a recent passion of mine. In my younger days, I played my fair share of sport, and really long walks were a common past-time. Over time, as age crept up and the body deteriorated, I lost all motivation, enthusiasm and perceived “free” time for any form of exercise, happy to work long hours. Many people could appreciate the back, neck and shoulder (not to mention brain) strain from repeated lengthy stints facing a computer screen.

Health and Fitness - Active Solutions

Jo Cordell-Cooper: health and fitness (photo supplied)

With a dodgy hip thrown in for good measure, I thought my days of aerobics were well and truly behind me. But after meeting Jo Cordell-Cooper, I suddenly felt inspired again. Combined with another visit to Ashi Edwards at Sandy Bay Natural Therapies, there’ll be no stopping me! One day, I may even be fit enough to join Jo’s weekly Aqua Bootcamp class.

Deep Water Aqua Aerobics: Gymstick

I coped well with my first-ever, deep-water gymstick class. Jo made sure I felt safe and comfortable, and as all participants wear a buoyancy vest, there’s no issues with water competency. Jo is the only trained Tasmanian instructor for this unique and effective fitness tool.

Jo Cordell-Cooper has a penchant for helping clients who are rehabilitating from injury and surgery; those just staring on a journey of health and fitness; and aged and weary warriors long-estranged from exercise (hello!). Hence the perfectly-planned water-based fitness regimes.

Health and Fitness - Active Solutions and Health Network

Jo Cordell-Cooper: Hobart Aquatic Centre (photo supplied)

Active Solutions: Health and Fitness

For those needing to book private sessions, maybe for work reasons or elite-athlete requirements, Active Solutions and Health Network offer personal training for groups and individuals. There’s land-based options too of course, including a group-session of circuit training. Clients can book a series of early-morning health and fitness classes, and meet regularly at the park for 45 minutes of heart-pumping action.

Photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Verity Davis (Marketing Coordinator | City Marketing) Hobart City Council. For details of all options with Active Solutions and Health Network, email Jo Cordell-Cooper or phone 0409 862 206. She’s very kind, and will handle your health and fitness needs with care.

Map: Hobart Aquatic Centre, Tasmania

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