Just a quick article this time, to mention Hellyer Gorge. No real reason; only another trip down memory lane. We recalled a visit to Bruce’s Cafe in Wynyard recently, and during that same visit to the north west coast we took a day trip. Driving south from our accommodation, we ventured down the Murchison Highway to Waratah. En route we stopped at this popular state reserve for a look-see.

Hellyer Gorge - Bush Walk

Hellyer Gorge State Reserve (Waratah-Wynyard)

Hellyer Gorge: Wynyard to Waratah

We say popular, because the parking area was filled with happy campers. Literally. Campervans and caravans parked every which way! Some of the Tassie tourists were pouring themselves a cuppa from the kettle. Others were taking shelter from the cool wind in the picnic shed, comparing road maps and adventure stories. Even more were walking the well-defined tracks alongside the river. As did we.

Hellyer River flows through Hellyer Gorge State Reserve. That makes sense, doesn’t it? The Henry Hellyer that Carol Haberle mentioned in her Vale of Belvoir article must have been one popular fellow considering all these naming honours. Hellyers Road Distillery also springs to mind.

Hellyer Gorge - Hellyer River

Walking: Hellyer River, north west Tasmania

Murchison Highway: Proceed with Care

The A10 Murchison Highway is a doozie of a road. The traveller will encounter lots of steep inclines and sharp corners. Luckily, serious commuters can take the Ridgely Highway and leave the scenic route to those content to meander.

Hellyer Gorge - Waratah Wynyard

Where is Hellyer Gorge State Reserve?

If you’re an avid bush-walker, several tracks have been cleared throughout Hellyer Gorge State Reserve. We took a very casual walk beside the banks of the river. The water was flowing gently, and the kids felt compelled to take a closer look at the rocks and fish. As they do.

Hellyer Gorge - River

Inspection: fish and rocks, Hellyer River

Hellyer Gorge State Reserve: Walking Tracks

Our path was well-defined and stable, but the moss and exposed tree-roots did make it a bit slippery in patches. It was level going for the most part though, so easy enough to negotiate. We chose a loop circuit: along the river, under the road bridge, and then back to meet the road again about 100 metres from the car park.

Hellyer Gorge - Moss

Moss and exposed tree roots: Hellyer Gorge State Reserve

If you find yourself travelling between the Tasmanian towns of Waratah and Wynyard, this state reserve makes a pleasant place to break the journey. There’s no doubt a wealth of spectacular images taken by clever photographers at Hellyer Gorge, and maybe some of them will surface now we’ve published this article.

If you have a photograph of Hellyer Gorge that you’d like to share with the world, we’d be happy to oblige. Just contact Think Tasmania with the details, and we’ll go from there.

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Map: Hellyer Gorge State Reserve, Tasmania

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