Local photographer Ben Wilkinson planned an ambitious hike into Tasmania’s remote south west during February. Accompanied by his brother Sam, the goal was to climb Mt Anne… you can read Ben’s entire story online. Together with photos from the trip, we’re sharing just a snippet about the journey, featuring the High Camp Cabin.

High Camp Cabin - Ben and Sam

South west Tasmania (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

Inspiring Tasmanian Photographers: High Camp Cabin

Olegas Truchanas was well known for his spectacular photography and has been a source of inspiration for Ben. Fittingly, the first night of the duo’s Tasmanian adventure was to be spent in a cabin honouring one of Ben’s idols. The High Camp Cabin was built by the Hobart Walking Club, and dedicated to Olegas Truchanas, together with Agnete Damgaard and John Plaister. The trio were stalwart members of the club during their lives.

High Camp Cabin - Mt Anne Walk

Mt Anne walk (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

The High Camp Cabin offers shared accommodation and shelter for hikers, and Ben and Sam arrived to find others already settled for the night. Thankfully, their fellow trekkers were friendly and welcoming, showing true community spirit by making room for the newcomers. Ben would recommend carrying chocolates at all times, to be used for bribing in such cases!

High Camp Cabin - Tasmanian Wildnerness and Water Views

Tasmanian wilderness (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

Dinner With a View and A Rat

Once a makeshift dinner was prepared, there was plenty of time to admire the views. While absorbing the sunset over Lake Peddar, Ben captured a few photographs for his collection.

High Camp Cabin - Landscape Photography

Tasmanian landscape photography (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

High Camp Cabin - Photos by Ben Wilkinson

Wilkography (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

Dubbed the “welcoming committee” by cabin visitors, a bush rat paid a special visit during the night. The creature has apparently been known to chew through packs in search of food. To avoid any nasty surprises, Ben handed over a sample of his supplies; thankfully that was enough to appease the rat’s appetite and all packs remained intact.

High Camp Cabin - High Camp Cabin to Mt Anne

High Camp Cabin to Mt Anne (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

High Camp Cabin - Vast Wilderness

Wilderness: Tasmania (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

High Camp Cabin - Trekking South West Tasmania

South West Tasmania (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

Thank Goodness: High Camp Cabin

Ben and Sam are both fit and healthy young blokes, but they still considered the start of their hike to Mt Anne (from Condominium Creek to the High Camp Cabin) an arduous part of the  journey. They had to push themselves, though they’d prepared well. One and a half hours of walking over 4kms and a 700m climb left them tired and sweaty, but pleased with their achievement and ready to face even more difficult challenges.

High Camp Cabin - Trek in Tasmania

Arduous trek in Tasmania (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

Having consumed more water reserves than initially anticipated, Ben and Sam were thankful to rehydrate at the cabin. The water tank provides clean, cold water for the trekking fraternity and is a blessing on arrival. According to Ben, the basic facilities are a Godsend overall, and those making the effort to construct the High Camp Cabin should be commended.

High Camp Cabin - Ben Wilkinson

Wilkography (photo by Ben Wilkinson)

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