One day, I’m going on my very own personalised tour of Tasmania. There’s a group of well-known historic houses located very conveniently in a circular route. I think I can take them all in a single weekend.

Historic Houses - Clarendon House

Clarendon House: historic houses near Launceston

Historic Houses of Significance in Tasmania

I’ve done a little background checking, and this article details what I’m expecting to find at each place on my whistle stop tour. I’ll write more detailed reports about each of these historic houses when I’ve had the chance to visit in person.

Think Tasmania has already published several relevant articles (as submitted by guest authors) all serving to increase my enthusiasm about these historic houses. They all sound fascinating, and unique in their own right. Each of the houses represent something worthwhile as a stand-alone tourist attraction. But it’s very handy to know they’re in close proximity (to each other) if you want an intense experience!

Historic Houses: #1 Brickendon

Brickendon is a World Heritage listed colonial farm village circa 1824, and offers accommodation to the Tasmanian tourist. Promoted highlights include…

  • Convict-built Farm Village
  • Heritage Estate Garden
  • Walks and Tours
  • Accommodation
  • Fly Fishing
  • Events and Weddings
  • Working Sheep and Cattle Property
  • Crops of Peas, Barley, Grass Seed and Opium Poppies

Brickendon is located at 236 Wellington St, Longford.

Historic Houses - Brickendon

Brickendon, Longford (photo by Dan Fellow)

Apparently a country walkway was scheduled for completion in 2011 to link Brickendon and Woolmers. That would be a great addition to my weekend tour. If the interpretation signage along the 2.8km walk has been constructed as designed, it will provide interesting information for me about the convicts and their work.

Historic Houses: #2 Woolmers Estate

Along with Brickendon, Woolmers Estate is a World Heritage listed convict site. The co-located National Rose Garden is an added bonus. Promoted highlights include…

  • Guided Tours of the Homestead and Outbuildings
  • Self-guided Tours of the Grounds
  • National Rose Garden
  • Vintage Car Collection
  • Servants Restaurant
  • Cottage Accommodation

Woolmers Estate is located at 658 Woolmers Lane, Longford.

Historic Houses - Woolmers Estate, Longford

Woolmers Estate: Longford Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Historic Houses - Woolmers Estate, Tasmania

Woolmers Estate (photo by Anelda Lotter)

As a collection representing colonial life in Tasmania, Woolmers Estate is regarded by many as one of the most historically significant heritage properties in Australia.

Historic Houses: #3 Clarendon

Clarendon is a National Trust property circa 1838, located near Evandale in northern Tasmania. Promoted highlights include…

  • Self-guided Tours
  • Australian Fly Fishing Museum
  • Colonial House with Grand Hallways and Roman Columns
  • Servant’s Quarters
  • Farm Buildings
  • Park-like Gardens
  • Views of the South Esk River
  • Menzies Restaurant and Tearooms in the Conservatory
  • Colonial Cottage Accommodation

Clarendon is located on Clarendon Road, Nile (via Evandale).

Historic Houses - Clarendon via Evandale

Clarendon House: Nile via Evandale

We’re told that convict labour ensured this large pastoral farmland remained well-watered and fertile back in the nineteenth century.  I’ve enjoyed a quick wander around the grounds of Clarendon during a previous trip to the lovely town of Evandale. However, a more in-depth discovery of the remainder of the property, along with the others in this group of historic houses, is high on my wish list.

Historic Houses: #4 Entally Estate

The Entally Estate (circa 1819) has been managed by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service since 1947. Promoted highlights include…

  • Magnificent Homestead
  • Tours with Volunteers
  • Self-guided Tours of the Estate
  • Substantial Grounds and Gardens with English Trees
  • Vineyard
  • Outbuildings including Australia’s Oldest Conservatory
  • Stables
  • Fully Restored Chapel

Entally Estate is located at 782 Meander Valley Road, Hadspen.

Historic Houses - Entally Estate, Hadspen

Entally Estate: Hadspen Tasmania

Historic Houses - Entally Estate Tasmania

Entally House (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Thomas Reibey, the original owner of Entally House, apparently named his property after a suburb of Calcutta in India. There’s a Heritage Trail to assist visitors in their exploration of these historic houses.

Visiting Historic Houses in Tasmania

Of course, people can visit these historic houses in any order, at the discretion of the designated driver. It will possibly be determined by the accommodation you choose. All the small towns in the Tamar Valley region have many things to do and places to eat and drink, so don’t feel you need to rush from one location to the next. Taking time to explore the surrounding countryside is half the fun.

And if you happen to undertake this historic houses tour before me, I’ll be very envious. But I’d still love to hear all about it.

Historic Houses - Countryside

Beautiful countryside around Launceston

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Map: Historic Houses, Tasmania

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