Word games. I love them! In fact, I just love words, full stop. It’s the reason I’m so happy working online with Think Tasmania. Combining the right words in the right ratio and the right order for the Internet is a true challenge, and one I’ve embraced wholeheartedly. So whenever I see a clever play on words, like those used by Brooke Archer, I’m impressed. Brooke is the CEO, maker and designer at Bee’s Tees and the coordinator of the brand new Hive Market.

Hive Market - Bee's Tees

Bee’s Tees: Hive Market

Hive Market: Coming Soon to Bellerive

The Hive Market is in fact so new, it hasn’t even been launched yet. But social media has been buzzing (get it…!) with activity, and stallholders for the inaugural event have just been advised of their successful applications. The big reveal will no doubt be made to the general public in due course.

You might wonder why I’m telling you all this. In one of my articles promoting the Flourish Handmade Market, I spoke of my introduction to Brooke Archer…

When Brooke Archer from Bee’s Tees needed a tag line for her business, she asked her Facebook fans for ideas. I love word games, so I contributed quite enthusiastically to the conversation! Brooke chose “bee a little unique” from the suggestions she received, and it portrays her unique children’s clothing line perfectly.

Hive Market - Flourish

Bee’s Tees: Flourish Handmade Market

Bee’s Tees: Bee a Little Unique

At Flourish Handmade, I talked further with Brooke about her career journey. Back in 2009 she left managerial and administration roles in the corporate world to pursue her passion for creating fashionable clothing and accessories for children. Such has been the success of Bee’s Tees, Brooke has now employed an assistant seamstress.

Hive Market - Children's Clothing

Children’s clothing: handmade in Tasmania

The business was started in a bid to balance rewarding work with the rigours of family life. Brooke has two young children, the inspiration behind a career switch-up. While still dreaming of owning a ladies fashion boutique, Brooke started making original clothing for her own son and daughter. It soon became apparent that other mothers were equally frustrated with a lack of good-quality yet affordable designer gear, and a gap in the local market was filled by Bee’s Tees.

Hive Market - Brooke Archer

Brooke Archer from Bee’s Tees: Hive Market

Brooke has ten years of experience in retail management under her belt, and a variety of other skills and aptitudes. It seems logical then, to think she’ll make an excellent market co-ordinator. I said as much during our chat at Flourish, and that small prompt was the final impetus needed to spur Brooke into action. She sent me a lovely email to acknowledge our meeting, and share news of her exciting plans. Which brings me back to the Hive Market, just in case you thought I’d wandered off track completely!

A Hub for the Handmade

The very next day, The Hive Market blossomed from wishful thinking into a real project. It’s now being promoted as “a hub for the handmade” to showcase some of Tasmania’s finest talent, all under one roof.

The popular eastern shore of Hobart will be the venue: Clarence PCYC at 10 Scott Street, Bellerive to be exact. The  very first Hive Market will be held September 8. That’s a Sunday, and I have a note in my diary already for a 10am kick-off. I’ll probably eat brunch there, because they’re promising hot coffee and baked sweet treats. A follow-up Christmas market is planned for November 24, with a range of  locally handcrafted jewellery, clothing, children’s goods, home-wares and beauty products to browse.

If you’re one of the excited stallholders granted a space at the Hive Market, please leave a comment below with details of your business and the products you’ll be offering customers. We’re happy to provide information like this to all our readers, so they can plan in advance to visit and do a little market shopping.

You can follow Bee’s Tees on Facebook for more information. Brooke Archer also writes a blog about food, family, craft and handmade clothing under the Bee’s Tees banner. Follow the Hive Market on Facebook for details.

Map: The Hive Market, Bellerive…

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