Think Tasmania had reason to mention the Hobart Aquatic Centre recently. We published an article about the writer’s foray into aqua aerobics with Jo Cordell-Cooper from Active Solutions and Health Network. You’ll be pleased to know I survived that initiation, and I’ve even braved Aqua Bootcamp since (and survived that too!).

Hobart Aquatic Centre - Aqua Aerobics

Jo Cordell-Cooper: Hobart Aquatic Centre (photo supplied)

Hobart Aquatic Centre: Fun and Fitness

We’ve since learned our readers want to know more about other recreational facilities available at the Hobart Aquatic Centre. The site is operated by the Hobart City Council for the community. As we’ve featured the Launceston Aquatic Centre on the website previously, the time is right to mention this version in more detail.

Upon entering the Hobart Aquatic Centre, the first thing you’ll notice is the temperature. It’s so toasty warm inside! You can enjoy a lazy dip in the heated pools if that’s your preferred option over heart-pumping water aerobics. Kids will have an absolute ball; and there’s a creche on site for parents who need it. The staff even cater for pool-parties.

Hobart Aquatic Centre - 1 Davies Avenue Entrance

Hobart Aquatic Centre: Davies Avenue, Queens Domain

Busy Place, Buzzing with Activity

The Hobart Aquatic Centre always seems alive with activity. There’s enough separate pools to conduct children’s classes; sports including water-polo and basketball and many standards of lap-swimming all at once. There’s still room left over for pure fun and games, monitored closely by the vigilant life-guards decked out in yellow and red.

Staff greet patrons with a smile; the pools always look sparkling clean, as do the change-rooms and other amenities. With a canteen and an upstairs gym, there’s not much more you could ask for really. Although school holidays present a whole new level of activity! Guests of The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel receive complimentary access to the aquatic centre throughout their stay in Hobart.

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Hobart Aquatic Centre - Queens Domain

Hobart Aquatic Centre: Queens Domain, Tasmania

For more information, visit Hobart Aquatic Centre online or phone 6222 6999. Follow the Hobart Aquatic Centre on Facebook. Visit the centre in person at 1 Davies Avenue, Hobart. Photos supplied by Verity Davis, Marketing Coordinator, Hobart City Council

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