The Hobart Doll Show is on again! Held annually in August, it’s the largest doll-making competition in Australia. This year’s event will be held at the Hellenic House in Federal Street, North Hobart on August 27 and 28. The show is the highlight of the calendar for the 50+ Tasmanian regional members of the Hobart Doll Club.

Hobart Doll Show - Doll Club Craft & Bears

Hobart Doll Show competition (photos supplied)

Hobart Doll Show: Fun of the Fair

The theme for this year’s Hobart Doll Show is All the Fun of the Fair. But it’s not only locals who join in the fun. The show attracts visitors from interstate, who time their week-long Tasmanian holiday to incorporate the competition.

Hobart Doll Show - Craft & Doll Club

Hobart Doll Show competition (photos supplied)

Trade stall allocations are highly prized, with space limited to 49 places. Some of those attending fly in from New South Wales for the weekend just to sell their craft supplies to the eager crowd. With morning and afternoon tea available as well, the Hellenic Hall will be all abuzz with activity.

Hobart Doll Show - Doll-making Craft

Hobart Doll Show (photo supplied)

Doll Club: Charitable Craft

For over 20 years, the Hobart Doll Club have been using the opportunity to raise funds for charity. Every year, all proceeds from the raffle, plus a donation from the club, are given to Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania to assist with the purchase of much-needed equipment.

Raffle Tickets cost $1-00 each. Prizes are…
1st: 32″ Daisy Garland Doll; 2nd: Patchwork Quilt; 3rd: Reborn Doll; 4th: Cloth Doll

Hobart Doll Show - Doll Club Craft

Hobart Doll Show (photo supplied)

Speaking with the club’s Vice President Susan Lyden about the Hobart Doll Show, there’s no mistaking the passion these makers have for their craft. Susan was also clearly (and rightly) proud of the commitment the club has made to Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania. With such community spirit and a strong mutual interest, it’s no wonder they’ve been going strong since 1983.

Hobart Doll Show - Porcelain Doll Club

Porcelain doll by Susan Lyden (photo supplied)

Hobart Doll Show of Enthusiasm

The club roll out the welcome mat to everyone, and meet regularly for workshops and outings. Doll-lovers are encouraged to visit meetings as a guest or complete an application form for membership. Wide-ranging interests are covered under the umbrella of the Hobart Doll Club, and include

Hobart Doll Show - Hat Box Craft

Hobart Doll Club (photo supplied)

They freely admit that their enthusiasm verges on obsession! And there’s no wonder really, when you consider the process involved with making a porcelain doll. Starting from scratch, pouring and bisque-firing the clay in a kiln; painting miniature facial features in layers; sewing elaborate clothes and assembling accessories. There’s many skilled professions rolled into one package.

If you’d like to join this merry band of doll-makers contact the Hobart Doll Club. More information and entry forms for the 2011 Hobart Doll Show can be found on the club’s website.

Information and photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Susan Lyden (Vice President) Hobart Doll Club.