Recently I was invited to attend the first event in the 2012 Hobart Mums Network calendar. A light-hearted networking opportunity for women who might otherwise be just a touch isolated in motherhood, as I know I have been.

Hobart Mums Network - Events

Hobart Mums Network (photo supplied)

Christine Jolly: Hobart Mums Network

by Cassandra Wunsch

In the press release on the Hobart Mums Network Facebook page, founder Christine Jolly states: “It’s hard enough getting out of the house with a newborn as it is. The fact that mums can turn to other local mums to ask advice from the comfort of their home computer or smart phone has been a godsend.”

Hobart Mums Network - Christine Jolly

Christine Jolly (photo supplied)

With already over 1,200 fans, the group (which was founded in October last year) is expanding rapidly as word spreads through Hobart’s mothers. Christine’s goals aren’t modest either! What may have begun as a simple mothers group has expanded into a powerful movement with big dreams. “I hope to work with other mums to bring about some fantastic projects to benefit our community. Within the next year or two we will launch a smartphone app (Hobart Mums Guide to the City), a Family Expo, and a Mummy Mentors program pairing first-time pregnant mums with an experienced mother.”

For more reclusive or socially shy mums, the concept might seem too much. Surely such motivated people will have no place for me? But it’s simply not the case. The first networking event was a sweet, low-key affair complete with tea, coffee, biscuits and non-alcoholic wine (for those like me who are walking incubators but would like to pretend to be grownups for an afternoon). Even given the frigid conditions (what is it with me and stories that take place in mental weather?) there was a good turn-out of mums eager to see what this organisation had to offer.

Hobart Mums Network - Cover Photo

Hobart Mums Network (artwork by Shiloh Longbottom)

SalonRED, Andyman and Yogabugs

In the course of the night a number of local businesses, involved in the network to varying degrees, made presentations and gave away some nifty goodies! SalonRED, who will be hosting the next mums network event in June (more on that a little later) put up the first big prize of the evening. A ladies cut and colour to the tune of $275 worth won by a lucky event attendee. Jealous!

Hobart Mums Network - SalonRED

SalonRED: Hobart Mums Network (photo supplied)

Next up was a representative of Andyman, the home handyman who’ll happily come and finish all those little jobs your husband promised would only take him a day… sometime in the 1980s. Andyman gave away two $50 vouchers that can go towards any kind of work and the two local winners were absolutely thrilled.

The last door prize was donated by Yogabugs, a five day pass to their program for children starting at 2 ½ worth about $60.

Hobart Mums Network - Yogabugs

Yogabugs: Hobart Mums Network (photo supplied)

Hobart Mums Network Membership

Huge excitement at the end of the night as Christine announced that the Hobart Mums Network was now a member organisation. For the low price of $15 (which will remain in place until June, so get in quick) local mothers can become card carriers and entitled to a growing list of perks! A full list of these as they stand can be found in the membership section, but they include:

Anyone who’d like to join can do so at events, or use the Hobart Mums Network online membership form.

Hobart Mums Network - Membership

Membership: Hobart Mums Network (photo by Cassandra Wunsch)

Now for the most important info, the next event! SalonRED is hosting a makeover night on the 16th of June, which happens to be my birthday! Yay!  Hobart Mums can have experts take them through the process of looking like a grownup when they leave the house, even if they do only have 30 seconds to pull it off. A fashion stylist will be in attendance for advice on a ‘mum uniform’ ~ something simple you can keep around to throw on and still look amazing; as well as a sneak peek at LittleRED, a child-friendly salon slated to open later in the year.

Since I’ve gone and gotten my membership all sorted out, I’m proud to say I’ll be there, at least marginally to write about it (but let’s be honest, mostly for the goodies). Entry is $5 for members, $10 for non-members and $8 concession, so make sure you check out the membership form beforehand.

Additional photos supplied by Christine Jolly, Hobart Mums Network.

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