Hobart news, views and reviews… where can you find the information you’re looking for? I’ve found several great articles published online by residents of Hobart. News is perhaps the wrong term; more like personal recounts, maybe. But when you’re looking for an events or food guide, it can be a good place to start.

Somerset on the Pier - Hobart Waterfront

Hobart Docks: Tasmanian seafood and ice-cream

Hobart News and Food Guide

When it comes to restaurant reviews, some authors have a hidden agenda, or try to be controversial just to attract attention. I prefer the old-fashioned approach: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. And there’s usually a silver lining to be found in most places. If you really want to find information online, you’ll eventually track down a website that appeals and gives you the answers you want.

These websites sometimes target a niche audience; actually sometimes they’re so niche you have to break into the inner sanctum (forums) to crack their code! And sometimes they’re just pure rambling. Surprisingly, many of them dabble in somewhat random topics.

But my personal favourites are the Hobart news blogs with images to verify the story. Something to prove the author is actually giving a first-hand account. Let’s face it: it’s pretty easy for writers to rehash something they found online. And who knows whether the original version was ever correct? Or even relevant to Tassie.

Food Trail

But here’s a sample blog I’d like to share with you. Victor Khoo writes FOODTRAIL: a journey about food, recipes and destinations. He lives (or at least has at one stage) in the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania. I suspect he now resides in New Town, judging from the article he wrote on February 14, where he states…

Jackman and McRoss Bakery in New Town. It is within walking distance to our place.

I don’t know Victor personally, so let’s assume he does live in Hobart. News and articles from his blog reveal a passion for Tasmania and cooking. The meals he photographs and presents as last night’s casual dinner are nothing short of amazing compared to what we have in our house! Originally from Penang in Malaysia, Victor’s cooking and often his food guide have an Asian flavour.

Hobart News but Different

This is the final point I want to make. Everyone has their own way of looking at things. I don’t always agree with what Victor writes. And his writing style is very different to mine. But I still enjoy reading the posts from FOODTRAIL.

With permission from Victor, here’s a link to his post Weekend Foodtrail …food, festival, “Sapa Rose” and more. In the article, he talks about events during a weekend in Hobart; news of a restaurant opening AND his own home food guide. I particularly loved his photos of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

Hobart News - Wooden Boat

Wooden boat: Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart

Thanks to Victor for sharing this post and his insight into restaurants in Hobart. Wouldn’t have found it otherwise, but now the seed of curiosity has been planted. I’ve made a note to visit Sapa Rose.